Lane Friedman, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Lane Friedman is an accomplished Associate Attorney with a passion for justice and a diverse legal background. With over a year of experience in Criminal Defense, 5 years in Worker’s Compensation representing both plaintiffs and defendants and 4 years specializing in Personal Injury for plaintiffs, Lane brings a well-rounded perspective to his practice. 

 After graduating from UC Santa Cruz for his undergraduate studies and later obtaining his Juris Doctor from Southwestern Law School, Lane has a strong educational foundation. He is a proud member of the California Association of Lawyers (CAALA) and the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA), contributing actively to the legal community. 

Lane’s legal achievements reflect his dedication. Notable accomplishments include securing a $750k settlement in an Auto v. Auto case, obtaining a $2.25 million jury verdict with the Workers’ Legal Fund (WLF), and achieving a $1.35 million settlement for a paraplegic client. Thanks to Lane’s intercession, it was discovered that the Defendant’s failure to act timely was due to her leaving her abusive husband and having child services almost take her child from her. His mediation skills shine through in this unique case where he facilitated a settlement where both parties agreed to donate damages to a battered women’s shelter. Plaintiff and Defendant hugged each other and started crying at the end of the jury verdict. The amicable outcome of this case continues to stand out as a significant victory for Lane, as it marked the end of his career on the defense side.  

His professional philosophy centers on using his diverse legal expertise to tailor strategies that yield the best outcomes for his clients. Inspired by his love for the law and his desire to protect clients’ rights, Lane believes in the intersection of science and art within the legal realm.  

 “Law is the intersection of Science and Art. Justice gives Law dimension and purpose, and the result creates the foundation of society.” 

Outside the legal arena, Lane finds joy in cooking for loved ones, playing strategic games like Go, and immersing himself in literature. His compassionate nature extends to supporting animal charities, highlighting his commitment to both the legal and local communities. With a dedication to justice and a multifaceted approach, Mr. Lane Friedman stands as a beacon of legal representation.