• Personal Injury

Ricardo Chavez, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Ricardo Chavez, Esq. is an Associate Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm specializing in representing clients in personal injury litigation. He is a humble litigator who seeks justice on behalf of his clients as he works to represent them. Ricardo’s tenacity and dedication to advocacy is what separates him from other attorneys, and he leverages this determination to secure compensation that his clients deserve. 

Coming from two blue collar working parents and a humble upbringing, Ricardo knows the importance of hard work, and he goes above and beyond to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Ricardo is familiar with struggles in life, and he approaches his work with an empathic perspective to understand the troubles that all of his clients are facing. This dedicated empathy combined with his diligent work ethic allows Ricardo to successfully champion the rights of his clients. Ricardo previously represented a defendant who had fifteen biological children in a WD on a 100/300 UM policy where the client was involved in a head on collision resulting in four immediate deaths and severe medical bills for those who lived. Due to Ricardo’s persistent work, he was able to secure maximum financial compensation for his client in mediation. Additionally, he defended a client’s deposition in men’s central jail, eventually securing a six-figure settlement on disputed liability.  Ricardo’s proven methods of success have helped him to significant victories early on in his legal career.  

“Never stop grinding.” 

Ricardo obtained his Juris Doctor from La Verne Law School, graduating early due to his diligence in his education. He is also a valued member of both the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA) and the Beverly Hills Bar Association (BHBA).