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Concussions are traumatic brain injuries (TBI) caused by a hard blow or jolt to the head received during falls, collision with hard objects and people (usually while playing contact sports), motor vehicle crashes, and other types of accidents. The force slams the brain against the inner wall of the skull, causing the biochemical processes of the brain to be adversely affected.

Concussions are usually non-life-threatening, but repeated occurrences can lead to swelling of the brain, permanent brain damage, and even death. Personal injury lawyers can help you determine the costs of damages and file a personal injury claim.

What are the Symptoms of a Concussion Injury?

The most common symptoms of concussion are headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, trouble concentrating, trouble remembering, and loss of balance and coordination. In some cases, the sufferer may lose consciousness. However, most concussions do not lead to loss of consciousness. For this reason, patients may not be aware of any symptoms for several hours after the impact. They will continue with their normal activities believing that nothing is wrong with them.

The symptoms of concussions can be divided into the following four categories based on the ability to think or remember:

  1. Difficulty to think clearly: Accompanied by headache, fuzzy or blurry vision, irritability, and sleeping more than usual.
  2. Feeling slowed down: Accompanied by nausea or vomiting, sadness, and sleeping less than usual.
  3. Difficulty to concentrate: Accompanied by sensitivity to noise or light, problem balancing, issues controlling emotions, and trouble falling asleep.
  4. Difficulty to remember new information: Accompanied by fatigue, nervousness, and anxiety.

Concussion Injury Lawyer: Consequences & Risks

Doctors consider concussions to be functional injuries, meaning that they do not cause damages to the tissues and blood vessels. In most cases, the effects are temporary and impair only the patient’s ability to think, concentrate, and remember clearly. However, it doesn’t mean that concussions should be taken lightly. Severe concussions can result in bleeding and swelling of the skull. Repeated concussions can be extremely dangerous in the long term.

Recovery Period for Concussion Victims

Because our brain is an extremely complex organ, every concussion is different. Most patients with mild concussion make a full recovery within a day or two. Many people do not even require treatment, but those with severe concussions take several days, weeks, and even months to recover.

In general, older people take longer to recover. People who have had a concussion in the past also take longer to recover from a recent concussion.

When to Seek Medical Help After a Concussion

While mild concussions do not result in serious consequences, some require immediate medical attention. You should seek immediate medical help if:

  • Your headache gets worse and refuses to go away.
  • You feel weak and numb.
  • You find it difficult to balance and coordinate your movement.
  • You have nausea or repeated vomiting.
  • Your speech becomes slurred.

You should seek immediate medical attention for your loved ones, friends, colleagues, and acquaintance if:

  • They look drowsy or you cannot wake them up.
  • One of their pupils look larger than the other.
  • They are having convulsions and seizures.
  • They are not able to recognize people and remember where they are.
  • They are becoming increasingly confused, restless, or agitated.
  • They are exhibiting unusual behavior.
  • They are losing or have lost consciousness.

Treatment for Concussion Victims

Treatment of concussions varies according to the severity of the injuries. Mild concussion can be treated with physical and mental rest and abstaining from all kinds of activities, including surfing the internet and drinking alcohol. Concussion-related headaches can be cured by taking acetaminophen. But you should avoid aspirin and ibuprofen as they can increase the risk of bleeding, which can be dangerous.

Severe concussions, such as when the brain has swollen, may require complicated medical procedures, including surgery.

It is generally agreed that sportspeople who play contact sports are the most vulnerable to concussions. Many sportspeople have been known to have ruined their life with repeated concussions. But concussions can happen to anyone. You may fall and bang your head or be hit by a car. Everyone is a candidate for concussion.

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