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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident, what you do next may determine your future for the rest of your life.

First: Call an ambulance, if you haven’t already.

Second: Call the motorcycle accident lawyers of Wilshire Law Firm at 1-800-522-7274.

Our award-winning motorcycle accident lawyers are standing by 24/7, 365 to take your call, and help you work your way through this unfortunate situation, today, and in the months to come.



Zina Alexander

professional, quick and responsive

Bobby is an incredible attorney for LA motorcycle riders. Most insurance companies are deadbeats, but Bobby will give you justice. He’s professional, quick and responsive.

Amber Martin

Bobby was reliable, professional, and got the job done.

Bobby was reliable, professional, and got the job done. I hired Wilshire Law Firm to handle a my motorcycle vs car accident case. I’m quite happy with the outcome and would definitely use Bobby again.


Bobby Saadian, Esq.
Colin M.Jones, Esq.
Jon C.Teller, Esq.
Nicol Hajjar, Esq.
Daniel B.Miller, Esq.
Hazel S.Chang, Esq.
Vy T. Nguyen, Esq.




Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Get You The Highest Compensation

Whatever you do, do NOT admit fault!

Inevitably, you will have to notify your insurance company of the incident. In these first moments, immediately following the crash, it is imperative that you DO NOT ADMIT FAULT TO ANYONE.

“Anyone,” meaning:

  • Insurance companies
  • Other parties
  • Paramedics
  • Police
  • Anyone!

Even if you are not at fault, your words can and will be twisted to manipulate your policy details. Your insurance company, or the other party’s insurance company, will attempt to withhold money that is rightfully yours.

Furthermore, sometimes, police reports put the motorcycle at fault without even consulting you. Remember, this can be argued in court!

Wilshire Law Firm’s California super lawyers are the best personal injury motorcycle attorneys in town. Our team is ready to fight for you against powerful insurance companies; they will stop at nothing to keep money out of your pocket that you desperately need to make sure your family stays afloat during this difficult time.

Motorcyclists have rights!

As a motorcycle rider, in the great state of California, you have rights to protect you and your choices. The Golden State has more riders than any other two states combined except Florida, Texas, Ohio or Pennsylvania!

Needless to say, you’re entitled to fair and just compensation, should you suffer a motorcycle accident injury. Any admission of fault without the consent of a lawyer is strictly against our advice.

And this is just the beginning

Next, you’ll have to manage:

  • Ride arrangements
  • Accident resolution
  • Hospital visits
  • Medical bills
  • Family visits
  • Many other unforeseen expenses

Insurance companies are ready to pounce on vulnerable victims of motorcycle accidents. We deal with it every day, and our goal at Wilshire Law Firm is to pursue your right to fair and just compensation for your losses.

People who don’t ride don’t understand

Sure, their cousins or friends might ride, and they’ve seen us in movies – ever heard of James Dean? But, at the end of the day, they don’t relate to the freedom, passion, power, or camaraderie that comes with riding.

Most importantly, they don’t understand the time, preparation and attention to safety details that are required to travel through life on two wheels.

Especially in California, where lane splitting – or “sharing” – is legal.

The California motorcycle accident lawyers of Wilshire Law Firm are on your side, right from the start. We know how dangerous it is to ride a motorcycle, and we work with motorcycle crash cases every day, ensuring each and every client their families are in good hands.

Don’t delay, call Wilshire Law Firm today!

Call now: 1-800-522-7274. Ask for your free case evaluation. Available 24/7, 365.

California motorcycle accident lawyers you can trust

Our team understands the ups and downs of dealing with motorcycle accidents, and all the details that come with motorcycle crashes better than any other personal injury motorcycle law firm in California.

Getting started is as simple as switching gears!

Just pick up the phone and give our team of motorcycle accident attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm a call today.

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