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If you or a loved one has suffered an injury that resulted in the loss or paralysis of the legs, the attorneys of Wilshire Law Firm want to express our sincere wishes for your speedy and complete recovery. However, if that paraplegia injury was to any extent due to the negligence of others, or if an insurance company does not want to adequately compensate your losses, the legal services of our personal injury attorneys can ensure those parties uphold their obligations to restore your financial circumstances and long-term health.

Paraplegia injuries are among the most traumatic, severe and extreme types of personal injury that an accident victim can incur. Paraplegia injuries are a permanent disability that is usually associated with tremendous pain and suffering. The victim is paralyzed and restricted to a wheelchair for life. Immediate medical attention is required, and we recommend that a certified personal injury attorney be engaged as soon as possible to ensure all required treatments are provided and the victim is compensated for all expenses and loss.

For those who suffer a spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia, the cost is immeasurable. Although paraplegics have use of their arms and can regain some independence after completing an extensive rehabilitation program, they still require ongoing medical care and probably some assistance with daily tasks. A financial settlement can never replace that loss.

However, medical costs must be paid. With the average first year costs to treat paraplegia at more than $150,000, the medical expenses can be a significant financial burden on individuals and their families. Your financial situation can deteriorate quickly and, because victims spend almost 60 days in acute care and rehabilitation, loss of income contributes to the financial decline.

Paraplegia Attorneys: Helping You Secure Maximum Compensation

The personal injury lawyers of Wilshire Law Firm have the expertise and experience gained from representing many paraplegia victims and can competently represent your best interests in all court proceedings and negotiations with insurance companies. We take all legal action allowed to aggressively pursue your case and will secure the maximum settlement amount you deserve.

Our experienced legal team will investigate the facts surrounding your accident, contact eye witnesses, and obtain an assessment of your condition from medical professionals in order to establish a solid case in support of your claim. Our accident lawyers have been through these processes many times, and we are available to negotiate directly with insurance companies and adjusters on your behalf.

Common Causes of Paraplegia

The most common causes of paraplegia injuries in personal injury accidents are:

If an accident of this type resulted in your paraplegia injury, Wilshire Law Firm attorneys can ensure the negligent parties fully compensate your loss of earnings, the pain and suffering you endured and will endure in the future, all medical expenses, and any hospital bills. We can arrange for medical treatment from our network of doctors willing to provide medical care on a lien basis, so that you pay no money out of pocket.

Our paraplegic injury accident lawyers provide honest expert advice, aggressive representation, and effective results for our clients who are in need of help. We are client-focused and fully qualified in personal injury law. If you have questions about your legal rights and potential recovery, we will schedule a free confidential consultation at your convenience, either at our offices or your home or medical facility, as you choose.

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