Wilshire Law Firm Secures a $4.75 Million Settlement

LOS ANGELES, CA. November 20, 2018 – Wilshire Law Firm trial attorneys Colin Jones, Daniel Miller and Bobby Saadian are proud to announce they have secured a $4.75 million settlement on behalf of clients Michael and Marlena Moore. This settlement arises from an automobile collision that occurred in August of 2016 in Paso Robles California. On that day, the defendant, an employee of Isco Industries, was driving his work truck when he failed to yield at a stop sign. At the same time, Mr. and Mrs. Moore were travelling in the same area as the defendant. As a result of the defendant’s negligent failure to stop, a serious collision occurred.

The plaintiffs were shaken up at the scene but did not immediately seek medical care. As time passed, they realized the injuries were more severely than initially thought and sought treatment from various medical providers. Tests revealed that both Mr. and Mrs. Moore ultimately suffered neck and back injuries, including several herniated discs. Due to ongoing pain and mobility issues, they each underwent spinal fusion and decompression surgeries. In addition, Mr. Moore had a spinal cord stimulator implanted in an effort to reduce his pain.

Although the accident happened over two years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Moore’s lives were severely altered by this event. Previously in good health, they require ongoing medical treatment, pain management and therapy to this day.

“Our job as trial lawyers is to be storytellers. That doesn’t happen by reciting legal theory or showing jurors 10,000 pages of medical records. It happens by bringing jurors into the lives of the client’s we represent — showing not just the struggles but the triumphs that follow a serious injury. When we present our client’s story in a way that touches the hearts and minds of the jurors, there is no option but to compensate them the fair value of the claim,” says lead trial attorney Colin Jones.

Also notable about this case is Wilshire Law Firm’s successful use of cutting-edge technology for medical illustrations. By utilizing courtroom animation, attorney Colin Jones was able to present precise details of the spinal surgeries to defense counsel and mediator, which highlighted the severity of the injuries. These medical animations were a key component in helping to finalize this outstanding settlement even before the presentation of any expert witnesses.

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