Pedestrian v Bus – $17,120,000 Verdict

$17,120,662 Verdict On September 16, 2013, a Los Angeles Superior Court jury awarded $17,120,662 to an 85-year-old man who was hit by a Southland Transit Inc. bus while he was lawfully walking in a crosswalk in Baldwin Park, California. The collision resulted in Julio Huayanca’s right leg being amputated. The same jury also determined that […]

$2,000,000 Settlement – Truck vs. Big Rig

In February 2016, a big rig hit our plaintiff’s truck. As a result of this accident, the plaintiff suffered severe life-threatening injuries. He had to have half of his colon removed, several surgeries, injections in his neck, and he hasn’t been able to walk properly, ever since. After this accident, the plaintiff wasn’t able to […]

$1,000,000 Settlement – Auto vs. Utility Truck

$1,000,000 Settlement – Auto vs. Utility Truck In December 2015, a flat-bed truck collided with our plaintiff’s car, while she was traveling through an intersection. As a result of the collision, the plaintiff’s head, neck and spine were completely dislocated. In fact, the sheer force of the impact rendered the victim permanently disabled and unable […]

$265,000 Settlement – Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Case Settlement – $265,000 The plaintiff was at her freelance job, and 30 minutes into her service, the defendant abruptly touched her breasts. The plaintiff moved the defendant’s hands and demanded him to refrain from grabbing her breasts. But the defendant persisted. The plaintiff asked the defendant to leave. The defendant refused, yelled […]

$1,250,000 Settlement – Auto vs. Auto

$1,250,000 Settlement – Auto vs. Auto The plaintiff was driving northbound on Melrose Ave, as he was endeavoring to make a right turn on SR 76. Meanwhile the defendant was impaired, speeding and driving recklessly eastbound on SR 76 approaching Melrose Ave. The defendant failed to stop at a red light and lost control of […]

$1,000,000 Settlement – Auto vs. Big Rig

$1,000,000 Settlement – Auto vs. Big Rig (C. B.) In June 2015, our client was driving northbound along Interstate 5, while the defendant was simultaneously travelling behind her at an unreasonable speed. The defendant rear-ended the plaintiff’s vehicle causing significant injuries that required the victim to be extricated from her vehicle. As a result of […]

$2 million Settlement Auto v Big Rig

$2 million Settlement – Auto vs Truck Accident Lawsuit While driving to work, the plaintiff was rear-ended by an 80,000 lb big rig. Later that day, the plaintiff went to the emergency room complaining of neck and back pain. Ever since the collision, the plaintiff has been unable to work, due to unrelenting and debilitating […]

Bicycle v Auto – $100,000

$100,000 Settlement Our client was legally riding his bicycle when the defendant negligently opened her vehicle door on the side available to moving traffic, causing our client to collide with the vehicle door. As a result, our client sustained severe injuries all over his body. Our firm put pressure on the insurance company and eventually […]

Slip and Fall – $250,000 Settlement

$250,000 Settlement Our client was leaving a Ralphs Grocery Store when his foot struck a large deviation in the walkway, disrupting his stride and causing him to fall to the ground bringing the full weight of his body onto his right arm. In the process, he suffered serious injuries to his right elbow. We fought […]

Auto v Auto – $295,000 Settlement

$295,000 Settlement Our client was stopped at a red light when the defendant collided into the rear end of our client’s vehicle, pushing our client into the rear end of the vehicle ahead of him. As a result of the accident, our client sustained multiple serious injuries, including spinal cord injury. The legal team at […]

Motorcycle v Auto – $1,500,000 Settlement

$1,500,000 Settlement Jose’s case settled in April of 2015 for $1.5 million. Jose was riding his motorcycle with his adult daughter riding as a passenger on the back of the bike. As he was attempting to make a turn a driver of a towncar failed to see Jose, driving directly in his path. Unable to […]