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At Wilshire Law Firm, we believe that achieving the greatest results, requires utilizing the best. That is why you will find that Wilshire Law Firm is home to California’s finest attorneys and industry leading legal support team.

We have a reputation as aggressive trial lawyers who consistently achieve incredible results for our client. Insurance companies and big business know that our attorneys are willing to take on the most complex cases, and fight aggressively for our clients. Whether you have been hurt in a crash or otherwise injured due to no fault of your own, our firm is ready to go to work for you.

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In California motorcycle deaths represented 17% of all road fatalities, though motorcyclists nationwide represent only 3% of registered vehicle owners and are responsible for only 1% of vehicle miles traveled.

The great majority of those killed were male – more than 90% of the 2014 fatalities, the GHSA study said.

As a law firm with integrity, we always make ourselves available to answer questions from clients. We always meet deadlines, and we always strive for the best possible results. Because of our exceptional work ethic and dedication to our clients, our attorneys have received an AV Preeminent Rating from Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest possible rating for both ethical standards and legal ability, and the pinnacle of professional excellence in the field of law.

At Wilshire Law Firm, we believe that our clients deserve the highest quality of representation possible, which is why we are ready to mobilize our unsurpassed resources, brain power and personnel to fight an important battle on your behalf. Depending on your goals, our all-star legal team can get you a quick settlement, or battle out your case in court.

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that traffic collisions – car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents – remain a primary public safety issue in Fresno, despite improvements in vehicle safety features, road design, and traffic signs. Many victims in these cases turn to the personal injury lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm for help, because they know we are passionate client advocates who never quit.

Cases We Handle

At Wilshire Law Firm, we handle every type of personal injury and accident case.

A total of 2,623 teenagers ages 13-19 died in motor vehicle crashes in 2014. This is 70 percent fewer than in 1975 and 3 percent more than in 2013. About 2 of every 3 teenagers killed in crashes in 2014 were males. Since 1975 teenage crash deaths have decreased more among males (72 percent) than among females (63 percent).

Fresno car Accident attorneys Much like the city of Fresno, Wilshire Law Firm is a highly successful and fast growing law firm. Since 2007, we have served thousands of clients and obtained more than $130 million in settlements and verdicts on their behalf. Our legal team specializes in a wide variety of accident and injury cases, including car accidents, wrongful death, catastrophic injuries, construction accidents, and mass torts. With many prestigious awards and landmark cases under our belts, Wilshire Law Firm is THE top personal injury firm in all of the Golden State. As longtime personal injury lawyers, we have something like an insider’s knowledge of the way insurance companies operate. We know that they employ devious and sometimes even aggressive tactics to reduce and deny claims, all for the sake of preserving their bottom line. It is our priority to never let our clients get lowballed. Utilizing a network of leading experts along with the best accident reconstruction technologies available, we build airtight cases for our clients so that the insurance company has no choice but to give them full and fair compensation. This is the Wilshire Law Firm way. As Estimated one in three teens in not licensed by age 18 As Estimated one in three teens in not licensed by age 18.

To learn more about your rights and best legal options for recovery, call our experienced car accident lawyers today at (559) 396-3826. We can provide you with a full understanding of where you stand and what you can do to get the coverage you need and deserve. Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t have to pay us until we win a settlement or verdict. So there’s no reason to delay – contact us today for immediate assistance.

Our Results

  • $17,120,000 Verdict for an 85-year-old man who had his right leg amputated after being struck by a Southland Transit Inc. bus. The jury was convinced to award punitive damages on top of other damages.
  • $3,000,000 Settlement for a motorcyclist who sustained neck and back injuries after being hit by a negligent driver at an intersection.
  • $1,500,000 Settlement for a client who was initially offered a $10,000 settlement by the insurance company. We negotiated a $1,500,000 settlement for him – an astronomical 14,900% improvement.

How a Fresno Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Heal

Accidents are accidents! Accidents are unintentional and can occur to even the most cautious or careful of people. Whether you are a pedestrian, a driver or a relative of a victim of a car accident, an accident can have a serious impact on your life. You might experience physical or emotional trauma. You might also not be able to continue working as a result of an accident. Other times you might not be able to fully recover and continue enjoying spending time with your family or friends in ways you used to do. You need time and a peace of mind to recover from an accident. Good car accident lawyers in Fresno will take care of everything while you heal.

How we Fresno Car accident lawyers help You:

Give you advice

In case of an accident, you might not know what to do. Hearing from a Fresno car accident attorney about what to do and what not to do in such a situation could help calm you down. Good car accident lawyers can also recommend to you the best specialists in the area since they have most likely handled cases similar to yours in the past. Getting the best medical attention is the best way to start your healing process.

Why you need to have a Car accident Lawyer

Represent you in court

Walking around courthouses or having to worry about being fined or jailed for not observing a law will definitely affect your recovery. In any case, a lawyer should be able to take the stress off you by crafting convincing legal arguments in your defense. Car accident lawyers will represent you in law courts and in negotiations to make sure that you get the best possible deal under the law.

In conclusion, there are quite a number of ways that car accident lawyers can help you heal. Some of these ways have been highlighted above. At Wilshire Law Firm, we have experienced advocates with the knowledge and the proven ability to get clients maximum compensation during negotiations. Call us now at (559) 396-3826 to know more about the services we offer to car accident victims.

Serving Fresno

Fresno, whose name is the Spanish word for “ash tree,” is located in the San Joaquin River Valley in central California, midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Fresno’s growth began in the 1870s after the site was selected as a station on the Central Pacific Railroad. The area’s great land and weather attracted farmers and ranchers, many of them immigrants, resulting in a melting pot of nearly 100 nationalities still reflected in Fresno’s culture. In 1875, the raisin industry started in Fresno by accident, when grapes at a vineyard were allowed to dry on the vine.

Fresno County is one of the largest, fastest growing, and most diverse counties in the state of California. It is the 10th most populous county with an estimated 974,861 residents (Population estimates, July 1, 2015), according to the California Department of Finance.

Fresno County added more than 46,790 residents from 2010 to 2015, making it the 9th fastest growing County.

Fresno is a beautiful city, that we love to serve by providing unparalleled legal representation of accident and injury victims.

If you are in need of a Fresno car accident attorney, or an attorney to represent you in another accident or injury case, contact us at Wilshire Law Firm. We will be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation case consultation, whether you are looking for a car accident lawyer in Fresno or a neighboring community.

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