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In the city of San Jose, with a population of nearly one million, car accidents are an unfortunate reality. According to San Jose city data, 1,057 traffic collisions resulted in 1,184 injuries and 40 fatalities in San Jose in just one year.

Our San Jose car accident attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm offer legal assistance for car accident victims in San Jose, ensuring they receive the compensation and support they need during this challenging time.

With our experienced team of over 500 legal professionals, our clients in San Jose can feel confident that their car accident claims are being handled confidently and effectively.

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Why Choose Wilshire Law Firm’s San Jose Car Accident Lawyers?

Woman examining car crash near a tree, assessing damage, and calling for emergency assistance.

Wilshire Law Firm stands out in San Jose for our exceptional handling of car accident cases. Our dedicated team has 15 years of experience in California’s car accident laws, and we are deeply committed to our clients’ welfare. 

Our Zero Fee Guarantee means clients don’t pay any legal fees unless we successfully recover compensation for them. This approach aligns our interests with yours and gives you accessible legal services, regardless of your financial situation.

Our San Jose personal injury lawyers provide a free, no-obligation consultation to review your car accident case. This initial meeting allows you to understand your legal options and get to know our team without any pressure to commit.

Recognitions and Accolades

Wilshire Law Firm has been proudly bestowed with numerous accolades and recognitions, reflecting our dedication to legal excellence:

  • Best Law Firm Awards: Recognized among the “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers®, highlighting our legal proficiency and commitment to client satisfaction.
  • Top Legal Professionals: Our attorneys have been acknowledged as the Nation’s Top One Percent by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel, among other prestigious organizations.
  • Track Record of Success: Our history of securing significant settlements and verdicts demonstrates our capability to handle complex car accident cases effectively. This is evidenced in the $38.5 million motor vehicle accident settlement we recently recovered in a rear-end collision accident against a big insurance company that was refusing to compensate our client fairly.

Convenient and Strategic Location

Our San Jose office is located at 4340 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 287, San Jose, CA 95129, strategically placed for ease of access:

  • Proximity to Key Areas: Located near the Neighborhood Walmart and amidst a hub of auto dealerships, including Stevens Creek Toyota, Land Rover San Jose, Stevens Creek BMW, and Stevens Creek Hyundai, our office is easily accessible and well-positioned in a vital area of the city.
  • Client Accessibility: This location not only makes it convenient for clients to visit us but also sits us in the heart of a bustling part of San Jose, close to many of our clients’ needs and activities.

Choosing Wilshire Law Firm’s San Jose car accident lawyers means partnering with a team recognized for legal excellence and deeply dedicated to your needs. 

Wilshire Law Firm

Our combination of legal knowledge, client-focused service, and strategic location makes us the ideal choice for car accident representation in San Jose.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, contact us for a free consultation to explore how we can assist you in achieving the compensation and justice you deserve.

Car Accident Compensation

In San Jose, victims of car accidents may be entitled to several different forms of compensation, depending on the specifics of their case. Wilshire Law Firm reviews each aspect of your claim for potential damages, including:

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses cover the entire spectrum of healthcare costs resulting from a car accident. This includes emergency room fees, hospitalization, surgeries, medication, physical therapy, and any long-term rehabilitation needed.

To substantiate these claims, detailed medical records, bills, and expert testimony regarding the extent and future implications of the injuries are necessary. We gather comprehensive documentation to present a clear picture of the immediate and ongoing medical expenses.

Our team then calculates the total cost of medical treatment, including estimated future medical expenses. We work with medical experts to ensure that every aspect of your healthcare needs, both current and future, is accounted for and included in your compensation claim.

Lost Income

Compensation for lost wages includes income lost due to time away from work for recovery. This also includes potential loss of future earnings if the victim is unable to return to their previous employment or capacity.

We collect employment records, salary slips, and professional evaluations to quantify the financial impact of lost workdays. In cases of long-term or permanent disability, we may hire economic experts to estimate future income losses.

Our firm ensures that any current and projected loss of income due to the accident is fully recognized and compensated. We negotiate diligently with insurance companies to secure a settlement that reflects the true economic impact of your lost wages and earning capacity.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering compensation addresses the non-economic damages such as physical pain, emotional distress, anxiety, loss of enjoyment of life, and trauma resulting from the car accident.

Evidence for these claims includes psychological evaluations, personal statements, and testimonies about the impact of the injuries on daily life and mental health.

We emphasize the severity of your pain and suffering, using emotional and psychological assessments to argue for appropriate compensation. Our approach involves painting a vivid picture of how the accident has affected your quality of life.

Punitive Damages

Extreme negligence or reckless behavior can result in punitive damages. These are intended not just to compensate the victim but to punish the offender and deter similar conduct.

Establishing entitlement to punitive damages requires demonstrating egregious misconduct or a blatant disregard for safety by the at-fault party. This often involves extensive investigation and gathering of compelling evidence.

Our attorneys are experienced in building strong arguments for punitive damages. We look into the details of the case to uncover evidence of gross negligence, presenting a compelling case to justify these additional damages.

At Wilshire Law Firm, we understand what it takes to recover these different types of damages in car accident cases. Our comprehensive approach thoroughly explores and presents every aspect of your claim, maximizing your chances of receiving full and fair compensation.

Identifying and Suing Parties Involved in Car Accident Lawsuit

Successfully proving your car accident claim in San Jose involves identifying all liable parties and establishing their fault. These can include other drivers, vehicle owners, employers, manufacturers, and more. Our firm knows how to untangle these situations and present a strong case for our clients.

Dealing With Uninsured and Underinsured Drivers

San Jose, like much of California, has a significant number of uninsured or underinsured drivers. According to Bankrate, the state of California has the 12th highest rate of uninsured drivers in the country, at 15.2 percent

About one in six drivers in California does not have adequate insurance coverage.

The number of uninsured Californians could reach 3.21 million. The national average of uninsured drivers is 12.6 percent, or about one in eight drivers. This translates to about 28 million motorists who drive without insurance.

We guide our clients through the options available when they are injured in a collision with an uninsured/underinsured motorist, including claims against their own uninsured motorist coverage, to ensure they are not left without recourse.

Where Do Car Accidents Happen in San Jose?

San Jose is a vibrant and diverse city in the heart of Silicon Valley, but it also has its share of traffic problems. According to the latest data from the city’s Vision Zero Task Force, at least 55 people died in traffic accidents involving pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycles in one recent year, making it one of the deadliest years in the past decade.

Most of these fatalities occurred on the city’s priority safety corridors, which are streets that account for a high proportion of crashes and injuries.

Some of the most dangerous corridors in San Jose are:

  • Monterey Road, which had seven car and pedestrian collisions in 2021. The city installed barriers on Monterey Road and Curtner Avenue to prevent vehicles from crossing the median and hitting pedestrians.
  • Senter Road, which is a busy arterial road with high traffic volumes and speeds. The city implemented quick-build projects on Senter Road, such as adding crosswalk protections, protected bike lanes, and curb extensions.
  • Story Road, which is a major east-west connector with multiple lanes and intersections. The city also improved safety features on Story Road, such as installing pedestrian signals, flashing beacons, and speed feedback signs.

Our Focus on San Jose Car Accidents

At Wilshire Law Firm, with our 15 years of experience in personal injury law, we are keenly aware of the different types of car accidents that occur in San Jose and the injuries they can cause. Our team is committed to providing you with legal assistance in each of these unique situations.

Among the types of car accidents we see in San Jose are:

Rear-End Collisions

These accidents often happen in heavy traffic areas like the intersections around Downtown San Jose or on congested highways such as I-280 and U.S. 101. We investigate to determine fault, often caused by distracted driving or tailgating. Our team gathers evidence, such as traffic camera footage and witness statements, to support your claim.

Intersection Accidents

Busy intersections, particularly those in areas like Santana Row or near San Jose State University, are frequent sites of these accidents. We analyze traffic patterns, signal timings, and driver actions to establish liability. Our approach includes scrutinizing the accident reports and consulting traffic experts if necessary.

High-Speed Collisions

High-speed collisions are common on freeways such as the I-680 and expressways like the Almaden Expressway. Our team works to prove negligence, often involving speeding or reckless driving. We use accident reconstruction specialists to demonstrate how the collision occurred and who is at fault.

Types of Injuries from Car Accidents

Some of the injuries we most commonly see resulting from these car accidents include:

Young girl in distress after a street car accident, visibly injured and in need of assistance.
  • Whiplash and Soft Tissue Injuries: Often resulting from rear-end collisions, causing neck strain and muscle injuries. We ensure that these injuries, though sometimes less visible, are fully documented and accounted for in your claim, including obtaining medical expert testimonies.
  • Broken Bones and Traumatic Injuries: Common in high-impact crashes, these injuries can be life-changing. Our firm collaborates with medical professionals to detail the extent of these injuries, their impact on your life, and the associated medical costs, both current and future.
  • Head Injuries and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs): TBIs can occur in serious accidents, leading to long-term or permanent disability. We focus on obtaining comprehensive medical evaluations to demonstrate the severity of these injuries and their long-term effects, ensuring maximum compensation for medical care, rehabilitation, and potential life care needs.

In every scenario, Wilshire Law Firm’s San Jose car accident lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your case is addressed. Our goal is to secure the maximum compensation possible, aiding in your recovery and helping you move forward after a car accident in San Jose.

Whether your accident involves a rear-end collision, a complex intersection accident, or a high-speed crash, our team has the years of experience and resources to advocate effectively on your behalf.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a San Jose Car Accident

Dealing with insurance companies following a car accident in San Jose can be a challenging aspect of your personal injury claim. At Wilshire Law Firm, our attorneys know how to handle such cases successfully and are skilled at working their way around the tactics used by insurers to minimize liability. 

Common Insurance Company Tactics

Below are a few of the tactics we’ve seen insurance companies use after car accidents to minimize their liability for payouts: 

  • Questioning Liability: Insurance companies often attempt to shift blame onto the victim. They may argue that the victim’s driving errors contributed to the accident or that external factors absolve their policyholder of liability.
  • Downplaying Injuries: It is common for insurers to minimize the severity of injuries sustained in the accident. They might suggest that injuries are less serious or were pre-existing and not directly related to the car crash.
  • Offering Quick, Lowball Settlements: In an effort to close cases quickly and inexpensively, insurance companies may offer settlements that are far below the actual value of the claim, hoping victims will accept due to immediate financial pressures.
  • Delaying the Claims Process: Insurance companies might use delaying tactics, prolonging the claims process and hoping that the victim will become impatient and settle for less.
  • Disputing Medical Costs: Insurers often challenge the necessity or the cost of medical treatments related to the car accident, attempting to reduce the payout.

Wilshire Law Firm’s Approach to Negotiations

Our approach in negotiations with insurance companies involves:

  • Gathering Comprehensive Evidence: We compile witness statements, medical reports, accident scene analysis, and expert testimony to unequivocally establish the other party’s liability.
  • Documenting Injuries Accurately: Working closely with medical professionals, we ensure a detailed account of your injuries and their impact on your life, emphasizing the necessity and extent of medical treatments.
  • Calculating the True Claim Value: We assess all aspects of your claim, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and potential long-term impacts, to counter any lowball offers effectively.
  • Applying Continuous Pressure: We keep steady pressure on the insurance companies to expedite the claims process, proactively addressing any delays.
  • Challenging Disputes Over Medical Costs: Presenting detailed medical documentation and expert opinions, we counter any disputes over the cost and necessity of medical treatments.

Our negotiation strategy is backed by our comprehensive understanding of California’s traffic and insurance laws, coupled with a firm commitment to our clients’ rights. We are prepared to escalate the matter to court if negotiations with the insurance company fail to yield a fair settlement.

At Wilshire Law Firm, we recognize the physical, emotional, and financial impact a car accident can have on individuals and families in San Jose.

Our experienced attorneys are committed to taking the legal aspects of insurance claims in car accident cases off your hands, ensuring that our clients receive the fair and adequate compensation they need for their recovery and moving forward from the incident.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents

Below, our team of San Jose car accident lawyers has compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we get about San Jose car accidents. 

Call Us After a San Jose Car Accident 

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident in San Jose, it is time to seek legal guidance.

Our attorneys can help you start the legal process, from filing a claim to negotiating with insurance companies and, if necessary, representing your interests in court. We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the necessary medical care and legal representation they deserve.

Our experience with California car accident cases, which includes the $38.5 million settlement we recently recovered from a big insurance company that was refusing to compensate our client fairly, ensures that every victim receives the justice and compensation they need to recover and move forward. 

After a car accident in San Jose, contact us online for a free consultation or call (415) 704-9912 to discuss your case.

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