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Wilshire Law Firm is a full service, personal injury law firm with offices in Riverside and headquartered in the city of Los Angeles. The firm provides legal representation to the people of Riverside, its surrounding areas and throughout the state of California, from our 18 California office locations.

Our team of professional Riverside accident lawyers and staff are the leading providers of accident and personal injury legal services in the city of Riverside and its surrounding communities.

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At Wilshire Law Firm, we believe that achieving the greatest results, requires utilizing the best. That is why you will find that Wilshire Law Firm is home to California’s leading attorneys and industry leading legal support staff. The team at Wilshire Law Firm has been hand-picked from the very greatest in the industry by founder Bobby Saadian, Esq JD/MBA. This is also why the firm has developed a network of experts who are the very best in their fields, to be called upon when expert witnesses are needed, and why we utilize leading-edge graphic and video technologies to clearly and definitively illustrate the truth of the case.

Cases We Handle

At Wilshire Law Firm, we handle every type of personal injury and accident case.

Every year in the city of Riverside, and across the state, thousands of car accidents occur. These accidents more often than not, are caused negligent or distracted drivers, resulting in a substantial number of injuries and significant damage to property. At Wilshire Law Firm we have experience handling all types of serious car accident cases, whether the end result was injury or even the loss of a loved one. Our firm is experienced in both accident and wrongful death cases.

Riverside Personal Injury Lawyers While every injury is significant, catastrophic injuries are especially devastating, as they permanently decrease the quality of your quality of life. Catastrophic injuries can include paralysis, amputation, paraplegia, quadriplegia and similar. Catastrophic injuries can occur in any type of accident, but increase in likelihood when the victim is less protected, such as in cases involving pedestrian crashes or motorcycle accidents. This is also true in cases where the victim is involved in a case where there is significant difference in the size of the vehicles involved such as bus crashes, train accidents, or truck crashes. These life-altering injuries not only impact the crash victim’s quality and enjoyment of life, but can also have detrimental financial effects due to decreased or lost wages.

Our firm is made-up of compassionate advocates who understand what you are facing, and are ready to fight on your behalf. We understand the serious nature of your injuries, and are experienced in handling cases such as yours, whether it is a traumatic brain injury case, or a debilitating spinal cord injury cases, or another equally devastating injury. Beyond the legal merits of your case, the team at Wilshire Law Firm understands the extensive medical attention that is required in such cases, and is positioned to help you get the care you need, to get you on the road to recovery. Through our extensive network of medical providers, we can get your treatment underway, even before your case settles. If you or loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, you don’t have to feel alone. The attorneys Wilshire Law Firm are ready to walk with you through this difficult time, and fight to get the recovery you deserve.

We have a reputation as aggressive trial attorneys who consistently achieve incredible results for our client. Insurance companies and big business know that our attorneys are willing to take on the most complex cases, and fight aggressively for our clients. Whether you have been hurt in an accident or injured on the job, our firm is ready to go to work for you.

Serving Riverside

Riverside is a beautiful city, that we love to serve by providing unparalleled legal representation of accident and injury victims.

If you are in need of a Riverside car crash lawyer, or an attorney to represent you in another accident or injury case, contact us at Wilshire Law Firm. We will be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation case consultation, whether you are looking for an collisions lawyer in Riverside or a neighboring community.

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