Why Do I Need to Hire a Hit and Run Accident Attorney?


A hit and run accident can leave you confused and uncertain about what steps to take next.

The good news is that an experienced hit and run accident attorney will know how to handle your situation and can fight to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. For more information on why you may need to hire a car accident attorney, continue reading below.

Understanding Hit and Run Accidents

A hit and run accident occurs when a person in an accident fails to remain at the scene to identify themselves. What happens next can differ depending on where it happens and how bad the crash was.

In many states, a hit and run may involve a collision with another vehicle, pedestrians, or even stationary objects like fences or mailboxes, provided the driver flees without fulfilling their legal duties. Additionally, a driver can commit a hit and run even if they did not directly cause the initial accident.

Fleeing from the scene of an accident is illegal, regardless of fault. The severity of penalties varies depending on the extent of the accident.

In cases involving only property damage, the consequence may be limited to a fine. However, if auto accident injuries occur, the repercussions become more severe, potentially leading to imprisonment and larger fines. Some of the biggest consequences arise if the accident results in a fatality. 

In addition to facing criminal charges, the person who fled the scene may also face civil lawsuits filed by the other party to cover expenses such as medical bills and vehicle repairs.

The Responsibilities of a Hit and Run Accident Attorney

In the aftermath of a hit and run, it’s easy to feel lost and unsure about what to do next. That’s where having an experienced hit and run accident attorney by your side can make all the difference. These lawyers can provide the guidance and support you need during such a stressful time.

Advantages of Hiring a Hit and Run Accident Attorney

There are many advantages to hiring a hit and run attorney. For starters, they provide explanations of your legal options and manage all the paperwork and legal procedures on your behalf, which can be incredibly time-consuming. This involves tasks such as filing personal injury claims, drafting legal documents, and gathering evidence.

Furthermore, an attorney can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. Insurance companies may attempt to minimize payouts, but with an experienced attorney advocating for you, you can pursue a fair settlement. If negotiations fail, your hit and run attorney can escalate the matter to trial, vigorously defending your rights.

What a Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Does After a Hit and Run Accident

Upon hiring an auto accident attorney, they thoroughly investigate your case by doing things like visiting the scene, interviewing witnesses, and reviewing any available footage. 

After gathering evidence, they will build a case strategy on your behalf. Your attorney will then initiate the claims process with insurance companies and prepare for potential court action if they cannot reach a settlement. Throughout this process, they will keep you informed of progress and advise you on key decisions to make.

Reasons to Work With a Hit and Run Accident Attorney

Knowledge of Hit and Run Accident Laws

Hit and run accidents involve laws that vary across jurisdictions. An experienced attorney who knows how to handle hit and run cases brings a deep understanding of these intricate laws. They can explain the relevant statutes, and develop strategies tailored to your situation, providing clarity on your legal standing and potential outcomes.

Evidence Preservation and Presentation 

Evidence is the cornerstone of any hit and run case, crucial for establishing facts, identifying the perpetrator, and proving liability. A hit and run attorney’s skills lie in gathering, safeguarding, and presenting evidence to build a strong case. They can guide you through the timely steps necessary to prevent the loss or oversight of critical evidence.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often employ tactics aimed at minimizing payouts, posing significant challenges after a hit and run incident. With a hit and run attorney advocating for your rights, you gain a negotiator to pursue your claim. They can negotiate compensation and counter any unfair practices employed by insurance providers.

Courtroom Representation

Should your case proceed to trial, a hit and run attorney’s courtroom experience becomes invaluable. Familiar with legal procedures, they can present your case before a judge or jury on your behalf.

Adherence to Statutory Deadlines

Each jurisdiction has specific time limits, or statutes of limitations, for initiating legal action in hit and run cases. Failure to act within these deadlines can result in the loss of your right to pursue compensation.

A hit and run attorney ensures all necessary steps are taken promptly, keeping you informed of critical timelines and safeguarding your claim from being barred due to missed deadlines.

Obtaining Compensation

A hit and run accident attorney’s primary objective is to get you the compensation you deserve so you can move forward with your life. They can effectively communicate the full extent of your damages, including medical expenses, property damage, lost income, and pain and suffering.

In other words, their advocacy can improve your chances of securing a settlement or verdict that genuinely reflects the losses you’ve endured.

When and How to Hire a Hit and Run Accident Attorney

The process of hiring an attorney usually begins with a complimentary consultation. This consultation serves as an opportunity for you to talk to the attorney and determine whether they are the right match for your needs.

Once you have decided to move forward with a particular attorney, you will sign a retainer agreement. This document outlines the terms of the engagement, including the attorney’s fees and any other relevant conditions. Thoroughly review and understand the retainer agreement before signing so that you feel comfortable that the terms align with your expectations.

What to Look for in a Hit and Run Accident Attorney

When selecting a hit and run accident attorney, consider:

  • Experience: Look for an attorney with experience handling hit and run cases specifically. This experience is important, as hit and run accidents often involve unique legal challenges and require a deep understanding of the relevant laws and strategies for pursuing compensation.
  • Track Record: Research the attorney’s track record of success. Look for an attorney who has consistently secured positive outcomes for their clients. This demonstrates their ability to effectively take on the legal system and advocate for their clients’ rights.
  • Communication and Client Service: Consider the attorney’s communication style and approach to client service. You want to work with a responsive attorney, who keeps you informed throughout the process and takes the time to answer your questions and address your concerns. During your initial consultation, pay attention to how the attorney interacts with you and whether they seem genuinely invested in your case.
  • Reputation: Research to gain a well-rounded understanding of an attorney’s reputation. Read client reviews and testimonials to get a sense of past clients’ experiences. You can also ask for recommendations from trusted sources, such as friends, family members, or other legal professionals.
  • Personal Connection: Schedule a meeting with potential attorneys to gain insights into their professionalism, knowledge, and empathy toward your situation. Choosing the right hit and run accident attorney is a personal decision, and it’s important to find someone with whom you feel comfortable working.

By prioritizing these factors, you can find an attorney who will provide the representation and support you need during this challenging time.

Cost Associated with Hiring a Hit and Run Accident Attorney

Contingency fee concept written on sticky notes, isolated on a wooden table.

One of the primary concerns for many people involved in a hit and run accident is the cost of hiring an attorney, especially when they are already dealing with medical bills and other accident-related expenses.

However, most hit and run accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which can alleviate the financial burden of seeking legal representation.

Under a contingency fee arrangement, the attorney’s fees are calculated as a percentage of the settlement or judgment they secure on your behalf. You will not owe any upfront legal fees, and the attorney will only receive payment if they successfully win your case.

This arrangement aligns your interests with those of your attorney and allows you to access quality legal representation without worrying about paying hefty hourly rates or retainer fees.

While you may not owe legal fees if your attorney does not win your case, you may still be responsible for certain out-of-pocket expenses related to your case. However, many attorneys will cover these expenses upfront and deduct them from your settlement or judgment.

Before signing a retainer agreement, discuss the contingency fee structure in detail and ask about any potential additional costs. A reputable attorney will be transparent about their fees and work with you to ensure that you understand the financial aspects of your legal representation.

5 Problems You Will Face if You Don’t Hire a Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

While it may seem tempting to handle a hit and run accident case on your own, particularly if you’re concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney, this decision can lead to legal hurdles that could impact the outcome of your case.

Without the knowledge and experience of a hit and run accident attorney, you may encounter challenges like:

  1. Legal Problems: Hit and run accident cases involve complex laws and insurance claim processes that can be difficult to navigate without legal help. A lack of understanding can lead to mistakes that harm your chance of obtaining compensation.
  2. Evidence Collection and Preservation: Collecting and preserving evidence is crucial in hit and run cases. A misstep in this process can weaken your claim. Attorneys have the knowledge and resources to gather and safeguard evidence effectively.
  3. Dealing with Insurance Companies: Insurance companies often employ tactics to diminish the value of your claim. Without legal representation, you may not fully understand these strategies, which can result in a settlement that fails to cover all your losses.
  4. Courtroom Proceedings: If your case goes to court, presenting your case effectively before a judge or jury requires a deep understanding of courtroom procedures and legal arguments.
  5. Time and Stress: Handling a hit and run accident case on your own is time-consuming and emotionally draining. An attorney can shoulder the legal burden, allowing you to focus on your recovery and moving forward with your life.

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While it may seem like a cost-saving measure to handle your case without an attorney, the potential risks and challenges can ultimately lead to a less favorable outcome. Contact Wilshire Law Firm today and let our experienced personal injury lawyers help you move forward as much as possible.

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