Novato, CA – One Hurt in Auto Accident on Highway 101 near Rowland Blvd

February 28, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Novato, CA (February 28, 2023) – At 8:58 p.m. on February 25, troopers with the California Highway Patrol were dispatched to provide assistance on-site at a crash that took place in the Novato area.

According to reports, a black Toyota Highlander and a Honda CRV collided on the southbound side of Highway 101. The Novato firefighters assisted the California Highway Patrol at the scene.

Emergency crews rushed to the site of the accident and immediately closed off multiple lanes in the area just south of the on-ramp for Rowland Boulevard.

Firefighters and police worked quickly to remove the damaged vehicles from the travel lanes on the highway.

One person was injured as a result of the crash. The victim was transported by firefighters to Novato community hospital for emergency medical treatment.

The two involved vehicles were towed away from the scene of the crash.

California Highway Patrol troopers remained at the scene to investigate. Investigations into the cracks are currently ongoing.

Car Accidents in California

Novato, CA – One Hurt in Auto Accident on Highway 101 near Rowland BlvdHundreds of accidents take place every day in the state of California that leave people injured. Unfortunately, there is no way to prepare for the impact that an accident can have on your life, despite how often they do take place. Every individual accident is completely different. There are instances where people are left with severe compound fractures as a result of their accidents. In other instances, people may suffer spinal cord injuries that leave them paralyzed. Other accidents result in minor cuts and abrasions. The unfortunate truth is that a motor vehicle accident can completely change your life in an instant. In many cases, victims are left with mental and emotional consequences as a result of their physical pain and suffering.

Dealing with the aftermath of a car crash can be incredibly difficult. For some, the financial burdens may be unbearable. In the aftermath of an accident, it is important that you understand your rights. You may be able to take legal action if you have been hurt in a car crash that was caused by another driver’s careless or negligent actions. You must reach out to a car accident lawyer in Novato as soon as possible. Your attorney will be able to get started on investigating the accident in order to identify who is responsible.

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