Los Angeles, CA – Rooks Rd Crash Leaves Two Pedestrians Injured

March 14, 2023

Los Angeles, CA – Rooks Rd Crash Leaves Two Pedestrians Injured

Los Angeles, CA (March 14, 2023) – Two pedestrians were left injured as a result of a car crash that took place in the Los Angeles area. At around 11:25 p.m. on March 12, the California Highway Patrol was notified that a crash occurred on the east side of Los Angeles that required assistance.

Collision reports show that two pedestrians were struck by a vehicle in the 11000 block of Rooks Road. Highway Patrol troopers and firefighters arrived at the scene and located both injured victims down on the road.

Emergency crews immediately secured the area to prevent further damage or injuries.

The two victims were treated at the scene and transported to a local hospital for further care.

At this time, the incident remains under investigation.

Pedestrian Accidents in California

Los Angeles, CA – Rooks Rd Crash Leaves Two Pedestrians InjuredFatal pedestrian accidents reached a record high in 2021. Every year, the number of people injured or killed in these accidents continues to increase, despite how many laws we have in place to protect foot travelers. Unfortunately, many people end up suffering serious injuries or losing their lives in accidents due to the reckless and negligent actions of others.

Many pedestrian accidents take place as a result of drivers who fail to yield. Even though pedestrian traffic in California has the right-of-way at designated crossing areas and at various locations throughout the state, many drivers fail to yield to them. As a result, these pedestrians suffer needlessly due to negligent drivers.

We also see a significant number of pedestrians hurt in accidents due to drivers who are speeding. When drivers are traveling too fast for road conditions, they are unlikely to come to a stop in time to avoid striking a pedestrian in a designated crossing area. Other common factors that are routinely identified in pedestrian accidents across our state include intoxication, distractions, and drivers who turn at intersections without looking.

The unfortunate truth is that the majority of pedestrian accidents that occur in our state are preventable. If drivers would only operate their vehicles with care and consideration for others, not as many pedestrians would be harmed in our state. In many cases, pedestrian struggle to move forward after these accidents. Many of them lack the financial resources that they need to cover their medical costs and other damages. In some cases, a pedestrian who is injured in an accident may be able to file a personal injury claim against the responsible party.

At Wilshire Law Firm, we are proud to provide our clients with the legal representation and support they need when dealing with a car accident injury. Our California personal injury lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in litigating cases involving negligence and recklessness and can secure the compensation you need. To get started on your case, schedule a free consultation at 800-358-1884. We believe that everyone deserves justice and fair compensation, so let us help you get it.