Yuba Sutter, CA – Traffic Collision on Edgewater Circle near Erle Rd

March 15, 2023

Yuba Sutter, CA – Traffic Collision on Edgewater Circle near Erle Rd

Yuba Sutter, CA (March 15, 2023) – The California Highway Patrol was dispatched to the scene of an automobile accident that took place in the center and ended with injuries.

At approximately 5:20 p.m. on March 13, emergency crews received a notification that their assistance was needed at the scene of a collision on Edgewater Circle.

According to officials, a Ford Mustang and a Volkswagen Passat collided on Edgewater circle at the intersection of Erle Road. The incident prompted CHP to close off the roadway for an extended period.

Trucks from Geweke Towing and Sanchez Towing responded to the scene to remove the damaged vehicles.

An ambulance was requested on-site to provide care to the victims who suffered injuries. At least one person involved in the crash was transported to a local hospital for emergency medical care.

The California Highway Patrol out of District 3 is currently investigating the crash.

Car Accidents in California

Yuba Sutter, CA – Traffic Collision on Edgewater Circle near Erle RdEvery day, auto accidents with devastating consequences occur in California. Hundreds of people are forced to deal with painful physical and emotional pain and suffering. Even though every accident is different, we see many similarities between the injuries that crash victims endure. Some common injuries suffered by crash victims include:

  • Internal organ injuries: These injuries can be incredibly life-threatening, especially if victims do not receive emergency medical care.
  • Spinal cord injuries: These injuries can result in paralysis and have life-long consequences for victims. Many spinal cord injury victims are forced to use wheelchairs and depend on others indefinitely.
  • Broken bones: There are many instances where people suffer broken bones, arms, and other serious fractures in accidents. These injuries can be incredibly painful to deal with and may require surgery.
  • Facial injuries: When people are struck in the face by hard objects or their heads strike the steering wheel during the accident, there is a significant chance that they can suffer bone fractures and other injuries to the face.

After suffering a serious injury in a motor vehicle accident, there is a significant chance that you will have to go through extensive medical treatment. Unfortunately, medical care can be incredibly costly. Covering the costs of care can seem impossible, especially if you are forced out of work from your accident.

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