7 Ways to Make Your Motorcycle More Visible

Visibility Is Key to Motorcycle Accident Prevention

The fact that you are reading this means you are worried about your safety on the road. Visibility can make the difference between you arriving safely at your next destination or spending the next few nights or weeks in an ICU ward. Here are seven ways to make yourself more visible to other road users and significantly reduce your chances of getting involved in an accident and having to call motorcycle accident attorneys.

1. Wear reflective clothing

Most riders like to complete their looks by donning black leather jackets and pants. You should, however, deviate from this pattern and get yourself a brightly colored reflective jacket or a neon vest to increase your visibility.

2. Brightly colored helmet

Get yourself a brightly colored helmet. Apart from protecting your head in case of a crash, a brightly colored helmet can also make you way more visible at night or even during the day.

3. Paint your bike in a brighter color

If you have already bought a dark-colored motorcycle, get it painted in a brighter color. Fast moving brighter colors are more likely to catch the eyes of other drivers and alert them to your presence. If you can’t get yourself to give your dark motorcycle a brighter shade then consider the next step.

4. Reflective tape

Reflective tape works the same way as reflective clothing. You can stick the tape on your rims, forks or any other part of the bike which will remain visible when you mount it. Reflective tapes are quite affordable and can be easily bought at local shops or supermarkets.

5. Tap your brakes

Your brightly colored brake lights are some of the most visible lights in the dark and their purpose is so clear; i.e. to warn those behind you of your presence and that they ought to remain alert. By tapping your breaks, those behind you will immediately pay more attention to you and keep their distance.

6. Use your horns

If you notice that the driver in front you seemingly isn’t aware of your presence, honk your horn. This will definitely make him or her look and pay attention to you. There is no better way to alert someone to your presence than by honking. The other driver’s eyes might be on his or her phone, but he or she will definitely hear a loud sound.

7. Don’t ride in blind spots

Though it might be difficult to completely stay out of other drivers’ blind spots, try to avoid them as much as you can. Most drivers who knock down other motorcycle users always use statements such as “he came out of nowhere!” By riding in positions where the driver in front of you can see you easily or by keeping a safe distance from cars, you can easily avoid many road accidents or reduce their impact on you or your bike.

As you can see, there are many ways to make yourself more visible on the road. By increasing your visibility, you are taking your safety in your own hands while also transferring liability to other drivers around you. The more visible you are, the less likely you are to be the one at fault when determining negligence in an accident. However, other factors still need to be considered. Your motorcycle accident attorneys will definitely help you get the most compensation in case you took all the necessary precautions but still ended up being knocked down on the streets.

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