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Since battery implementation and usage is here to stay, the number of cases of injuries and property damage will continue to increase. This is especially true in the case of vapes or e-cigs until they are regulated. When you’re injured by a defective battery explosion, you have the right to claim compensation for your damages and losses. Make those responsible accountable for their consumer product negligence!

A California explosion injury attorney at our law firm can help you understand the legal aspects of your claim and represent you to obtain the maximum compensation possible through an active attorney-client relationship.

How Do Battery Explosions Happen?

Electronic Devices

In this era of technological advances and digital communication, tech startups and industry veterans continually discover new, cool gadgets that entice consumers of all ages.

These electronic devices are intended to serve a purpose in our daily lives; whether to communicate with each other, entertain ourselves, or have product variety.

More recently, we have an array of smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, and electronic toys, which are among the most sold electronic devices in the world. Millions of people also use e-cigs or vapes. Manufacturers claim that e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative when making the transition to eventually quit smoking.

E-cigarette coil overheating before causing a battery explosion

What Causes Batteries to Explode?

Batteries are a by-product of power consumption in modern society, and almost all electronic devices use them. Most batteries are safe, and lithium-ion batteries are highly popular.

The use of batteries has been implemented not only in gadgets but also in cars and airplanes. Batteries store energy and release it through controlled chemical reactions.

However, where there’s demand, there’s competition. Sometimes, manufacturers push the limits of technology to provide longer “battery life” or “faster-charging speed.”

By pushing technology, companies are also pushing their luck, as they often put consumers at risk of accidents and at the mercy of battery explosions. Pushing the limit in this capacity also means increasing product liability.

The most common cause of a battery explosion is a thermal runaway in defective batteries. That’s why cell phones, laptops, and e-cigs occasionally catch fire.

In the event of an exploding e cigarette where injuries are incurred, immediately seek a battery explosion accident lawyer in California to review the accident details and find the liable party, or parties. You may be entitled to compensation for any pain and suffering.

What Are Lithium-Ion Cell Batteries?

Lithium is the lightest of all metals, has the greatest electrochemical potential, and provides the largest energy density for weight. Lithium ion batteries started becoming popular in the 1990s and are now the most promising and viable battery chemistry. It is a low maintenance battery, unlike most battery chemistries.

In today’s market, lithium-ion cell batteries are used in common items, such as thermometers, remote car locks, MP3 players, hearing aids, and calculators.

There are plenty of incentives for application engineers to use lithium-Ion cell batteries:

  • High-energy density provides the density for ever-increasing capacities
  • Low self-discharge
  • Low maintenance
  • Provides high current to applications

There are also a few disadvantages:

  • Requires protection circuit to maintain voltage and current within safety limit
  • Prone to fast aging
  • Expensive to manufacture
  • Not fully mature, metals and chemicals change on a continual basis

Due to the immature chemical composition of lithium-ion cell batteries, they are prone to combusting or exploding when handled improperly, or when packaged incorrectly.

Safety and product liability concerns surrounding these batteries are extremely high. This is due to the widespread use of the battery in everyday items and the proximity of use to vital organs such as the skull and brain. Battery explosions can be dangerous – burning human skin and potentially causing further injuries.

How Common Are Battery Explosion Injuries?

Lithium-ion battery explosions are relatively rare. According to Consumer Reports, Lithium-ion batteries have a failure rate that is less than one in a million. As a comparison, the chances of being killed in a car accident are 1 in 5,000. Thus, while battery explosions do occur, battery explosion injuries are uncommon.

What to Do if You’re Injured in a Lithium-ion Battery Explosion?

In the extraordinary event that you suffer a burn injury as a result of a lithium-ion battery explosion or fire, here is what you should do:

  • Don’t panic – if others are around, ask them to move away from the application that caused the explosion, if possible.
  • Check for injuries – Evaluate the people involved in the explosion or fire for injuries and call for emergency medical services as required. Even those who don’t think they are seriously hurt should be examined by a medical professional as soon as possible.
  • Call the police – You should request an ambulance as well, if necessary. Ask the police to create a detailed explosion accident report for your records.
  • Begin collecting evidence – Take pictures of the damage, along with the accident scene as a whole. Get the contact information of any witnesses and save any debris that may have broken off from your application due to the accident.
  • Consult with a battery explosion accident lawyer in California at Wilshire Law Firm. With over $750,000,000 recovered for their clients, an exceptional personal injury attorney at Wilshire Law Firm will utilize proven legal strategies to get battery explosion accident victims the compensation they deserve.
Lithium ion battery explosion causing a laptop to set on fire

e-Cig Battery Explosions

If you’re trying to quit smoking or nicotine by switching from a regular cigarette to an e-cigarette or vape device, you might be familiar with personal vaporizers, or vapes. In the U.S., cigarette vapes have been available to consumers for the past ten years, and almost 3 million people are using them.

Although e-cigarette pens are regulated by the federal government, e-cigarettes are not always regulated as they should be. This leads to a high product liability rate.

The FDA has issued warnings on reported illnesses and catastrophes caused by an e-cigarette, such as:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Pneumonia
  • Seizure
  • Vape battery explosion
  • Severe burns

Occasionally, these warnings and reported illnesses are not properly printed on e-cigarette devices. If this is the case and you incur any of the illnesses reported above, or you’re the victim of an e-cigarette battery explosion, the manufacturer of the warning label can be found liable.

Contact the top e-cigarette explosion lawyer Los Angeles can provide to discuss your options after an e-cig explosion accident.

Why do e-Cig Batteries Explode?

E-cig or vaping device brands have been available to consumers for the past ten years, and almost 3 million people are using them in the United States. When the lithium-ion battery in the vape overheats, the flammable electrolyte may explode.

Although traditional cigarettes are regulated by the federal government, vapes and the e-cigarette brands are not always regulated appropriately.

Battery overheating in an electronic cigarette can occur for the following reasons:

  • Internal cell fault
  • Puncture
  • External heat
  • Battery overcharge
  • Short circuit

In some cases, an e-Cig can explode spontaneously, causing a chemical blast and injuries to the user. In extreme cases, e-cig batteries may cause fire, which is why it is important to maintain working smoke detectors in your household.

Call the best e-cigarette explosion lawyer Los Angeles can provide in the events following any vape injuries as a result of a chemical blast. This is a smart solution to any personal injury case. You deserve justice and fair compensation, as you have done nothing wrong!

What Injuries do Vape Battery Explosions Cause?

There have been many reports on burned victims, their claims, and vape explosion lawsuit claims against distributors, sellers, and manufacturers of electronic devices. Thousands of consumers have suffered severe injuries from exploding batteries.

An e-cigarette explosion can affect the quality of your personal and professional life when you sustain a severe injury, including but not limited to:

  • Burns
  • Scarring
  • Cuts
  • Eye injuries
  • Teeth injuries
  • Hand Injuries

Get your free case consultation now from a Los Angeles e-cigarette accident lawyer at Wilshire Law Firm.

How will a California Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm Fight for My Case?

Unlike other law firms that take on an excessive amount of cases in many unrelated fields of law, battery explosion accident attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm focus on personal injury and wrongful death cases. We don’t do criminal law. We don’t do divorce. We don’t believe in the jack-of-all-trades approach that some law firms take.

We do believe in being exceptionally good at our jobs and giving each and every client 110%.

At Wilshire Law Firm, an award-winning battery explosion accident lawyer in California specializes in helping individuals or their families whose lives have been impacted by a lithium ion battery explosion, or e cig explosion accident.

A Los Angeles e-cigarette accident attorney knows how to deal with the legal system and insurance companies to ensure that you get any compensation that you may deserve if your accident is caused by another party’s negligence.

Contact a Los Angeles electronic cigarettes accident lawyer to talk about your situation and let us help you understand your rights and fight for the compensation you may deserve. We offer free consultations and are eager to work with you on your personal injury claim.

What Kinds of Compensation am I Entitled to?

After a battery explosion accident that causes injury, you are entitled to seek compensation for any damages or losses you may have incurred.

The true cost of a seemingly minor accident can quickly become expensive; injuries can take months, even years to fully heal, and lost wages and other expenses can begin to pile up.

If you’ve been injured in a battery explosion accident, you may be entitled to the following compensation:

  • Specific Damages – Past and future medical bills; Lost wages; Lost earning potential; Repair/replacement services such as childcare or home and vehicle maintenance
  • General Damages – Physical pain and suffering; Loss of consortium; Emotional distress

Contact a battery fire lawyer to gain clarity on any compensation for which you may be eligible. Don’t wait! The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can get the justice you are seeking!

Who is Liable for a Battery Explosion Accident?

To successfully secure compensation for damages in a battery explosion accident, a liable party or parties must be identified. There are a number of parties that can be found liable, depending on the details of your accident case.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Designer of the battery
  • Manufacturer of the battery
  • Warning label manufacturer
  • Distributor of the battery’s application
  • Seller of the battery’s application

In most cases, dealing with a battery explosion claim can become a headache. Allow a California explosion injury lawyer to take the complex specifics of your battery explosion case, so that you may focus on your healing and recovery.

Contact the best Los Angeles Battery Explosion Accident Lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm

By choosing Wilshire Law Firm’s battery explosion injury attorneys, you are choosing:

  • Excellent service from bilingual, legal professionals
  • The top 1% of battery explosion accident lawyers, nationwide
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  • Get CASH in as little as 48 hours
  • Medical bills paid
  • Access to doctors, who will treat you with no upfront costs
  • Transportation to and from medical and court appointments

Cases involving a dangerous and/or defective product are complex, and issues of federal safety and FDA approval may preempt state law. Therefore, you need a competent team of high-profile, battery explosion lawyers, who are capable of trying vape pen explosion claims and lithium battery cases with outstanding results.

A Wilshire Law Firm trial lawyer utilizes integrated solutions, which allow our bilingual teams to successfully interact with our clients. Every client receives the highest standard of service and care from a top explosion lawyer.

A California explosion injury lawyer will listen carefully to your needs, the facts, and your circumstances. We put a decade of diligence, hard work, and knowledge into action, to deliver the very best results. Additionally, we cover all other kinds of personal injury accidents, including a motor vehicle, dog bites and clinical negligence. You don’t pay unless you win!

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