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Passenger car drivers are not the only ones who can disregard traffic signals and cause crashes. Truckers can ignore them too and cause catastrophic accidents when they commit traffic signal violations. The experienced team of truck accident lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm has recovered over $1 billion for victims of truck driver negligence and can do the same for you. 

We will fight for the justice and compensation you and your family deserve during this challenging time. 

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Hire a Lawyer for Complex Traffic Signal Truck Accidents

Truck accident injury cases are often complex and can be difficult to win without the help of an experienced attorney. One frequent complication in these cases is when the truck driver violates a traffic signal. This can be used as evidence by the defense to try and prove that the driver was not at fault for the accident. 

Traffic Signal Violation Truck Accident Lawyer - Wilshire Law Firm

The truck accident attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm offer a free case evaluation to get you started. Our experienced team will carefully listen to the details of your accident, will review the evidence, and determine if the truck driver was truly at fault, or if another party may have contributed to the accident.

Reasons why you should call as soon as possible:

  • The statute of limitations starts running at the time of your accident
  • Witnesses can disappear or forget with the passage of time
  • Important evidence can disappear or be mislaid

Additionally, an experienced truck accident lawyer can look for evidence of negligence on behalf of the trucking company in order to build a strong case for their client. This could include improper vehicle maintenance, inadequate training, or inadequate driver screening. Our attorneys will be able to identify any potential weaknesses in the trucking company’s case and use them to argue for a favorable settlement for our clients. 

With over 15 years of service, we’ve already recovered $1 Billion for our injured clients. Get an experienced truck accident law firm for wrecks caused by traffic signal violations on your side. Ensure that your rights are protected and that justice is served. 

How Do Truckers Disregard Traffic Signals?

There are numerous ways a truck driver can disregard the rules of the road that all motorists are expected to obey with regard to traffic signals. Common traffic signal violations that can lead to truck accident injuries include:

  • Not following traffic signs and signals
  • Disobeying lane markings 
  • Using the wrong lanes
  • Running a red light
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Speeding through an intersection
  • Speeding in construction zones or areas around schools or hospitals
  • Making an illegal turn
  • Turning in front of other vehicles
  • Driving without stopping at a stop sign
  • Rolling through a stop sign

In order to prove that a traffic signal violation caused your truck accident injury, you must provide evidence such as police reports, eyewitness statements, and surveillance footage. Our experienced truck accident attorneys make it our job to help you collect and evaluate all available evidence. 

Liability When a Trucker Disregards Traffic Signals

A truck driver who disregards the rules of the road and causes an accident can be held liable for the injuries caused to another person. In addition, if that driver is employed by a trucking company, the company may be held liable under certain circumstances.

Liability in truck accident personal injury cases is a critical concept to understand when filing a legal claim in the state of California. Liability refers to who is legally responsible for damages or injuries that are caused—usually, this means one party is responsible for financial compensation to the other as a result of their negligence. In California, liability is governed by the principles of negligence, a legal concept that determines whether an individual or entity can be held responsible for the outcome of an incident. 

If a truck driver has acted in a manner that would cause another person to suffer harm, and this harm was foreseeable, then negligence may apply. 

In order for a successful personal injury claim to proceed, the injured victims and families we represent must demonstrate liability on the part of the truck driver or company. This means proving that the trucker’s actions caused you damages, and that those damages were foreseeable by a reasonable person in their position. 

To establish liability in your case, attorneys will need to present evidence showing that the defendant had a duty of care towards you, they breached this duty, and that their breach was the proximate cause of your injuries. This means that, without the defendant’s negligence, you would not have suffered harm. It is important to note that in California, a person can be held liable even if they did not intend to cause harm. The court will review the facts of your case and determine whether or not the defendant acted in a careless or irresponsible manner. If so, they may be found liable for your damages. In some cases, multiple parties can share liability for an injury or accident.

How to Collect Compensation in Traffic Signal Truck Crash Cases

If you have been injured as a result of truck driver negligence with traffic signals or other violations, it is important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in California who can help you determine liability and pursue the compensation you deserve.

If you are successful in proving that a traffic signal violation caused your truck accident injury, you may be able to recover compensation, known as “damages.” Nothing can fully replace what you may have lost as a result of your accident. Collecting damages is how we at Wilshire Law Firm help make injured victims and their families whole again in the eyes of the law.

Some of the most common damages collected for victims of truck accidents include:

  • Medical expenses that may include hospitalizations, surgeries, physical therapy and other ongoing treatments
  • Lost wages when you’ve missed work and paychecks due to your injures
  • Lost future income when you’re injuries are severe enough that you must shift to a new career
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages may also be awarded if the court finds that the at-fault driver acted recklessly. These damages are meant to punish those responsible.

Keep in mind that at Wilshire Law Firm, we’ve been involved in many cases involving catastrophic track accidents and have collected over one billion dollars for our injured clients and their loved ones. We’re here to represent you and will fight for the compensation you deserve. 

Deadlines in Traffic Signal Truck Accident Cases

The deadline to file a truck accident injury lawsuit is known as the statute of limitations and differs in each state. In California, the statute of limitations for a traffic signal violation accident lawsuit is two years. This applies to any personal injury claim or wrongful death claim arising out of a traffic signal violation accident. The two-year time period begins to run from the date of the accident or from the date of the victim’s last treatment related to their injuries, whichever is later.

If the two-year time period passes before a lawsuit is filed, then it is likely that any claim arising from the traffic signal violation accident will be barred by California’s statute of limitations. It is important to consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer as soon as possible after a traffic signal violation accident in order to ensure that your case is filed in a timely manner. Our experienced attorneys can also advise you on potential damages, insurance coverage issues, and other legal considerations that may be relevant to your claim.

In addition to the statute of limitations, there are several other important legal principles that govern traffic signal violation cases in California. For example, the doctrine of comparative negligence may be applicable in certain cases, and a plaintiff must prove the defendant’s negligence in order to recover damages. Additionally, California has specific rules related to evidence that can be used in traffic signal violation accident cases. It is important to have a thorough understanding of these legal principles before proceeding with any type of claim.

Begin Your Claim With a Truck Accident Law Firm Handling Traffic Sign Violations

Call Wilshire Law Firm to have your questions answered and to have your case reviewed by one of our attorneys. Paying for injuries that were caused by another person is unfair, and we can pursue compensation to cover your expenses so you can concentrate on getting better.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Big Rig Traffic Signal Violations

Why do truckers run red lights? 

Truck drivers operate very heavy vehicles requiring an increase in the required stopping time. Truckers may negligently run red lights due to a combination of factors including fatigue, driving in unfamiliar areas, poor vision conditions (e.g., at night or during inclement weather), and pressure from employers or other drivers to speed up delivery times. These conditions can lead to truckers not being able to react quickly enough when approaching intersections and running through red lights. In addition, some truckers may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol which increases their chances of running through traffic signals.

What Is “Failure To Yield” for Semi Trucks?

Failure to yield for semi trucks is when the truck driver fails to give way or make room in traffic, endangering pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers. This type of dangerous driving behavior often happens when a truck driver cuts off another vehicle or fails to slow down before merging onto an interstate highway. It can also happen when a trucker suddenly stops at intersections without warning and forces other vehicles behind them to abruptly stop as well.

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