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The attorneys of Wilshire Law Firm have assisted those who have suffered orthopedic injuries in the Los Angeles area. By leveraging experience gained while representing accident victims, we can manage the entire legal process and negotiations with negligent parties and their insurers so that you are able to focus on completing a full physical recovery.

Injuries that require orthopedic surgery usually lead to temporary disability, but can be more serious. Some injuries may be initially undetected and may require a full physical examination to ascertain the full extent of injuries sustained.

It is important for you or a family member to become proactive and consult with a Los Angeles orthopedic injury lawyer at Wilshire Law Firm. We assist injured parties to obtain fair compensation for medical expenses, hospital bills, pain and suffering, loss of earnings, wrongful death claims, and other damages.

California Orthopedic Injury Attorneys

At Wilshire Law Firm, accident lawyers understand the intricacies of personal injury law and can exert every legal tactic available to seize all benefits to which you are entitled.

Recoverable funds include:

  • Payments for all medical expenses and treatments
  • Weekly replacement income for lost wages
  • Lump-sum payments and negotiated settlements
  • Disability payments when you are forced to miss work for an extended period
  • Funds to finance anticipated future medical expenses

What Constitutes an ‘Orthopedic’ Injury?

Orthopedics is the branch of medicine that specializes in the care of the skeletal system and its connecting parts. Thus, orthopedic injuries are injuries or fractures of bones or any other part of the musculoskeletal system.

This encompasses joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. Orthopedic injuries are usually a result of an accident or physical trauma to the body.

Most Common Orthopedic Injuries

Orthopedic injuries are generally common since the orthopedic system is comprehensive within the human body. Some orthopedic injuries, however, are much more common and likely to occur than others.

If you suffer an accident, fall, or do arduous exercise and need to seek medical care, don’t “wait it out,” or try to treat your own injury. Only a doctor can accurately diagnose and care for the type of injuries you may have sustained.

Here are the most common types of orthopedic injuries:

Orthopedic injuries can happen anywhere, at any time. If you’ve been the victim of a workplace accident, a personal injury lawyer at our orthopedic injury law firm is knowledgeable in California workers’ compensation laws. You shouldn’t have to suffer any more than needed for your work injury.

What Are Common Causes of Orthopedic Injuries?

Though orthopedic injuries can be caused by a variety of events, these injuries are most typically caused by motor vehicle accidents.

The types of accidents that most commonly lead to broken bones and orthopedic injuries are:

California law protects workers injured by on the job accidents; however, in our experience, you can’t rely on the employer or its insurance company to act in your best interests.

Our personal injury attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm are committed to providing injured workers the legal representation they need to secure full and fair workers’ compensation recovery from all negligent parties.

We advise clients to not delay in asserting your legal right to recover damages from negligent parties. The law limits the time you have to file suit. You may be required to take that course of action if the negligent parties refuse to reimburse you for costs incurred.

To understand your best strategy for securing the compensation you deserve, we can schedule a free initial consultation at our law office. Or, if it is a catastrophic injury that prevents you from traveling, we can arrange to meet at a location of your convenience.

Our lawyers provide honest and ethical legal services, aggressive representation, and personal attention. We devote the time and resources to competently represent every client injured by negligent owners or operators of cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles.

Our knowledge of personal injury law and experience representing many accident victims allows us to effectively negotiate your claims with insurance companies, adjusters, and the lawyers representing the negligent parties.

What Should You Do if You Suffered an Orthopedic Injury?

After an accident, you may be disoriented, and unsure if you’ve suffered an orthopedic injury.

If there is any feeling of pain, an orthopedic injury victim should take the following steps immediately following an accident:

  • Don’t panic.
  • Call an emergency ambulance or an emergency medical professional. If other parties were involved in or caused the accident, you should call the police, as well.
  • Create a detailed accident report for your records. If the police arrive, ask them to give you a detailed account of your report, for your records. Memories tend to get fuzzy in the midst of stressful situations.
  • Don’t admit fault or liability at the scene of the accident.
  • Exchange contact information with any other parties involved in the accident.
  • Take as many photos of you can and try to get contact information from any witnesses. This will serve as evidence for your personal injury case in the future.
  • Contact a personal injury attorney and request a free consultation. We have award-winning orthopedic injury attorneys waiting to speak with you.

We will fight for your rights using demonstrated legal strategies. Our casework and processes consistently recover thousands of dollars in damages for personal injury accident clients, because we believe in contending for the maximum compensation you may be entitled to.

Recover Compensation for Pain, Disability and Medical Expenses

When accidents occur and insurance companies are involved, an insurance representative might try to low-ball you on the compensation amount for your damages incurred. These damages are any expenses that you may have incurred as a result of the accident.

Know that working with the orthopedic injury lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm, you deserve so much more. We give you the care and attention you will need to fight your legal battle. This way, you can focus on attending to your recovery with no stress.

Here are some damages that might result from an orthopedic injury by cause of an accident:

  • Present and future medical costs
  • Physical therapy
  • Replacement or rental property that may have been lost
  • Emotional Distress
  • Psychological counseling due to PTSD or related disorders
  • Missed wages as a result of time spent away from work
  • Any non-economic damages affecting your loved ones, such as loss of companionship or moral support.
  • Workers’ compensation, if your injury occurred at work.

Even if you suffer a minor bone fracture that requires surgery, being seen by an orthopedic surgeon can be a hefty cost in medical bills. Seeking legal advice from the best orthopedic injury attorney Los Angeles has to offer will guarantee that you receive the maximum compensation to cover this cost.

Why Should You Contact an Attorney?

Determining Liability

Only an attorney can assist you with correctly determining liability in your orthopedic injury lawsuit. In many injury cases, there is more than one party that can be found liable, or at fault.

Deciding the liable parties is not a process that should be approached haphazardly or without the help of professionals. It can make all the difference in getting the actual compensation you may deserve.

Contact an award-winning Los Angeles orthopedic injury lawyer at Wilshire Law Firm. We have dedicated years of experience in determining liability in any personal injury case.

Determining Costs of Damages

Only a qualified, licensed Los Angeles orthopedic lawyer can precisely assess the value of your injury accident claim. At our law firm, we use expert medical personnel, accident reconstructionists, and more to determine the real costs of damages in an orthopedic injury accident.

Victims of a personal injury accident may be able to recover these damages following an orthopedic injury accident:

  • Specific Damages – Past and future medical bills, lost wages, lost earning potential, necessary repair and replacement services, home and vehicle modifications, etc.
  • General Damages – Physical pain and suffering, loss of consortium, emotional distress

Don’t let an insurance agent try to determine the cost of your loss and damages. They are trained to convince you to accept the lowest possible amount for your claim. Confide in the injury attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm, and we will remain on your side throughout the entire legal process.

How a California Orthopedic Injury Attorney Can Help?

At our orthopedic injury law firm, we have a team of qualified injury attorneys with years of experience helping clients acquire justice and appropriate compensation for their cases.

We ensure proper justice is served because we care about the vulnerable human beings involved in each personal injury case. We understand how stressful the course of events after an accident may be.

Since 2007, we’ve transformed thousands of lives and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars, and that’s because we put our clients first. To get your FREE legal case consultation, call Wilshire Law Firm now at (855) 602-4773, or fill out our online contact form, and discover the legal experience you deserve.

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