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What are the Most Dangerous Intersections in California?

It’s worth knowing… this information could save your life! You might think the worst intersection is in LA… and that’s a good guess! In fact, when it comes to overall traffic flow (more like, “slow”), a study by TomTom Traffic ranked Los Angeles 12th in top 25 “most congested road transportation cities in the world.” (LA was the only U.S. city to make the list).

But guess what? The most dangerous California intersection is NOT in LA! It’s in Downey.

Perhaps it’s from all the drive-thru customers barreling out of the oldest operating McDonald’s restaurant (at Lakewood and Florence)? It could be that accidents are in Downey’s DNA – the Apollo Space Program was founded in Downey, and they literally have over 4,000 Kaiser Permanente employees (one of the largest health care companies in the world.)

The Top 50 Most Dangerous Intersections in California

With over 14,000,000 registered motor vehicles, and just under 800,000 motorcycles rumbling down the roads of California, there’s bound to be some bad accidents. So, with hopes that a little more awareness can create a lot more safety, we’re presenting the top 50 most dangerous intersections in the state.

Did an intersection near you make the list? Here are the top 50 (in order of most crashes):

  1. Firestone Boulevard / Lakewood Boulevard (Downey)
  2. Pala Mission Road / Pala Temecula Road (Pala)
  3. Roscoe Boulevard / Van Nuys Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  4. Nordhoff Street / Sepulveda Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  5. Crenshaw Boulevard / Washington Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  6. Imperial Highway / Vista Del Mar (Los Angeles)
  7. Balboa Boulevard / Nordhoff Street (Los Angeles)
  8. Roscoe Boulevard / Winnetka Avenue (Los Angeles)
  9. Euclid Street / Orangethorpe Avenue (Fullerton)
  10. Devonshire Street / Reseda Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  11. Bridge Street / Gilman Springs Road (Moreno Valley)
  12. Magnolia Avenue / Tyler Street (Riverside)
  13. La Cienega / Pico Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  14. Central Avenue / Vernon Avenue (Los Angeles)
  15. Figueroa Street / Manchester Avenue (Los Angeles)
  16. Reseda Boulevard / Roscoe Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  17. Sherman Way / Woodman Avenue (Los Angeles)
  18. Van Nuys Boulevard / Victory Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  19. Winchester Road / Ynez Road (Temecula)
  20. Balboa Boulevard / Burbank Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  21. Reseda Boulevard / Victory Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  22. 3rd Street / Fairfax Avenue (Los Angeles)
  23. Alvarado Street / Temple Street (Los Angeles)
  24. Balboa Boulevard / Saticoy Street (Los Angeles)
  25. 190th Street / Vermont Avenue (Los Angeles)
  26. Balboa Boulevard / Devonshire Street (Los Angeles)
  27. La Brea Avenue / Rodeo Road (Los Angeles)
  28. Bolsa Avenue / Brookhurst Street (Westminster)
  29. Air Base Parkway / Clay Bank Road (Fairfield)
  30. De Soto Avenue / Saticoy Street (Los Angeles)
  31. Oxnard Street / Van Nuys Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  32. Florence Avenue / Walker Avenue (Bell)
  33. Main Street / Manchester Avenue (Los Angeles)
  34. Calvine Road / Elk Grove Florin Road (Elk Grove)
  35. Central Avenue / El Segundo Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  36. Victory Boulevard / Woodley Avenue (Los Angeles)
  37. Beverly Boulevard / Vermont Avenue (Los Angeles)
  38. Nordhoff Street / Reseda Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  39. Pearblossom Highway / Sierra Highway (Palmdale)
  40. Lennox Avenue / Roscoe Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  41. Kester Avenue / Vanowen Street (Los Angeles)
  42. Old Barona Road / Wild Canyon Road (Lakeside)
  43. Lindley Avenue / Roscoe Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  44. Baseline Road / Riverside Avenue (Rialto)
  45. Florence Avenue / Vermont Avenue (Los Angeles)
  46. Victory Boulevard / Winnetka Avenue (Los Angeles)
  47. Los Robles Boulevard / Marysville Boulevard (Sacramento)
  48. Saint Andrews Place / Venice Boulevard (Los Angeles)
  49. Normandie Avenue / Slauson Avenue (Los Angeles)
  50. Challenger Way / Lancaster Boulevard (Lancaster)

For a fully interactive map of every intersection on the list, check out this OptiMap we made.

How We Calculated the Most Dangerous Streets in California

The list, which was comprised by 1 Point 21 Interactive, considers four categories:

  1. Crashes
  2. Deaths
  3. Injuries
  4. Crash score

The list considered over 425,000 accident that happened in 2015, which accounted for every accident recorded by the SITRS. All intersections that made this list saw at least 10 accidents in 2015 .

  • The intersection with the most accidents was Firestone and Lakewood, in Downey (36 crashes).
  • Two intersections tied for the most fatalities: Pearblossom Highway and Sierra Highway in Palmdale, and Bridge Street and Gilman Springs Road in Moreno Valley (three deaths).
  • The intersection with the most injuries was Devonshire Street and Reseda Boulevard in Los Angeles (41 injuries).
  • The top five intersections with the most crashes in Los Angeles were:
    1. Roscoe Boulevard and Van Nuys Boulevard (30)
    2. Nordhoff Street and Sepulveda Boulevard (27)
    3. Crenshaw Boulevard and Washington Boulevard (27)
    4. Imperial Highway and Vista Del Mar (26)
    5. Roscoe Boulevard and Winnetka Avenue (25)

Remind me to never drive on Roscoe Boulevard again!

What Types of Vehicle Accidents Happen the Most?

  • Car
  • Motorcycle
  • Bus
  • Pedestrian
  • Bicycle

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