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Spinal Cord Injury Resources in California

child with a spinal cord injury playing basketball in a wheelchair with help of caretaker

If you have recently sustained a spinal cord injury (SCI), you may feel overwhelmed by the many obstacles that await you. However, you are not alone. There are many resources in California you can turn to for help in all aspects of your post-SCI life. We have compiled a list of resources below along with descriptions and links to their websites. It is our hope that these resources work to minimize your hardships and speed up your recovery.

Accessible Fitness: This fitness organization based in Santa Clara provides in-home personal training and a Fitness Center to the physically challenged.

Believe Ability: Believe Ability provides personalized therapy services, including occupational and speech therapy, to children and adults of all abilities in the home, school and community settings.

California Centers for Independent Living: Centers for independent living (CILs) are private, nonprofit corporations that provide, among other things, several core services: advocacy, independent living skills training, information and referral, and peer counseling.

Californians for Disability Rights: THE oldest and largest membership organization of persons with disabilities in California, CDR works to improve the quality of life for all disabled persons by working to remove barriers through advocacy and change in public policy.

Care Meridian: With specialty skilled nursing and rehab facilities through California, Care Meridian provides personalized care plans, which include one-on-one physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy, to patients with spinal cord injuries and other equally catastrophic and medically complex injuries.

Centers for Accessible Technology: CfortAT’s focus is on making computers and technology accessible to people with disabilities so they can live independently.

Disability Benefits 101: DB101 gives disabled persons tools and information on health coverage, benefits and employment.

EmpowerTech: EmpowerTech trains disabled children and adults throughout Los Angeles County on Web browsers, computer screen readers, note takers, popular office software, and other assistive technology and devices.

HeadNorth Fund at the Sharp Healthcare Foundation: Their mission is to provide financial assistance and resources to help and guide SCI survivors and their families, while also supporting research for a cure.

Life Goes On: Life Goes On is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping people with various disabilities improve their home environments to maximize accessibility, independence, safety and social interaction.

NextStep: NextStep is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that provides all persons living with paralysis and other physical disabilities the opportunity for health and recovery through affordable and progressive community fitness, health, and wellness facilities.

Project Walk: Project Walk provides an improved quality of life for people with disabilities through intense activity-based recovery programs, education, training, research and development.

Smile Partners: Smile Partners is a Los Angeles-based “Portable Dental Hygiene Services” dedicated to serving patients with a wide variety of challenges, including those with complex medical conditions. Since they are a portable service, they come to you.

Triumph Foundation: A non-profit organization based in Canyon Country, Triumph Foundation’s mission is to help SCI survivors triumph over their disability and maintain the highest possible quality of life. They provide information and resources about many organizations, assistance programs, and activities that exist to help SCI survivors get access to necessary health services, expand fitness and recreational opportunities, receive mentorship and advocacy, and reintegrate back into the community. Similar groups include United Spinal Association Southern California Chapter and San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.

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