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How Does an Auto Accident Cause a Herniated Disc?

The vertebral disc is a piece of the spinal structure that primarily acts as a shock absorber between adjacent vertebrae. They also serve as ligaments that bind the vertebrae together and as cartilaginous joints that allow the spine to flex.

When a person gets into an automobile accident, the resultant stress put on the spinal column can cause a vertebral disc to slip and press against spinal nerves, producing severe back, neck and leg pain as well as possible hand pain. This is known as a herniated disc injury.

What Are the Symptoms of Herniated Disc?

If you notice any of the following symptoms after an auto accident in Fresno, please see a doctor and then consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer ASAP:

  • Arm or leg pain: The location of your pain depends on which part of your spine is affected by the herniated disc. Herniated disc in the lower back typically cause pain in the buttocks, thighs and calves, whereas herniated disc in the upper back and neck usually lead to shoulder and arm pain.
  • Numbness or tingling: When a herniated disc pinches a nerve, this may cause numbness or a tingling sensation in the connected body part.
  • Weakness: Muscles served by the affected nerves tend to weaken. This can make it difficult to perform daily activities, such as lifting and holding items.

Take Action

All too often, auto accident victims let their back and neck injury issues go undiagnosed and untreated. They decide to wait it out, thinking that the pain will eventually subside, only to find out later that they face a litany of long-term pain issues due to a herniated disc injury – and by that time, it’s already too late to get compensation.

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Don’t let this happen to you. If you were involved in a recent accident and are suffering back, neck and limb pain, you may have a legal case for recovery. In most cases, you only have two years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit, so it is absolutely vital that you act fast. Contact the Fresno spinal cord injury attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm today to get started on your claim. Our number is (800) 522-7274. We offer FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultations.

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