What To Do After a Lyft or Uber Accident


With the economy opening up again, more people are starting to rely on rideshare services like Uber and Lyft to get around town.

But more rides inevitably lead to more accidents. Whether you’re a rideshare driver or Uber/Lyft passenger, a crash on the way to your destination is a nightmare come true. Especially if the rideshare company refuses to take responsibility for the accident.

Rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber have been shown to decrease incidents of DUI up to 20% since their introduction in cities across the United States. But rideshare services are also associated with a 3% increase in car accident fatalities on the road. According to a study:

  • The increase in Uber and Lyft cars on the road contributes to nearly 1,000 more traffic accident deaths per day across the country
  • Between 2017 and 2018, Uber recorded 97 fatal crashes with 107 total deaths
  • 21% of rideshare crash victims were passengers, another 21% of victims were drivers, while the remaining 58% of victims were other motorists or pedestrians
  • Rideshare apps are directly linked to more crashes, injuries, and fatalities for everyone on the road because of the increase in traffic

More rideshare drivers mean more cars on the road. That leads to greater congestion and ultimately to more fatal traffic accidents involving drivers, passengers, bicyclists, or pedestrians.

You could become involved in a Lyft or Uber crash as:

  • rideshare driver either while you’re on a ride or between rides
  • rideshare passenger on a ride in a Lyft or Uber
  • Another driver, pedestrian, cyclist, or motorist

Rideshare accidents can be extremely dangerous because many injuries, such as head injuries and traumatic brain injuries, are often latent. This means you may not realize you have a serious injury unless you get checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible.

If you get in a Lyft or Uber accident on the road, call a rideshare accident lawyer immediately about your case. At Wilshire Law Firm, our rideshare crash attorneys fight big corporations and their insurance companies to get you the highest possible settlement for your injuries. Call us anytime 24/7 at (800) 501-3011 or reach out to us online you would like to discuss your case.

Who Is Liable If Your Lyft or Uber Driver Gets In an Accident?

One of the most important parts of a rideshare accident case is establishing who is at fault. The person responsible for the crash becomes liable for the injuries and harm suffered by anyone else involved. Legally, they may be required to compensate others for their losses.

Your Lyft or Uber accidents could be caused by:

  • Your rideshare driver operating long hours, driving while drunk, or driving distracted
  • Your rideshare driver speeding or running stop lights to finish rides faster
  • Your rideshare driver negligently failing to obey street signs and traffic laws
  • Your rideshare driver parking somewhere dangerous to pick you up or drop you off
  • design or manufacturing defect in the car itself
  • Improper maintenance of the rideshare car
  • Rowdy passengers who distract the driver or cause dangerous conditions
  • Another motorist on the road driving recklessly or under the influence
  • Dangerous weather or road conditions that affect traffic

Determining the cause of a Lyft or Uber crash may not be as easy as you think, especially with so many factors at play. Not only that, but you also need strong evidence to back up your claims.

What Happens if You Get In an Accident With Lyft or Uber?

Even if you walk away from your rideshare accident feeling “fine,” you should get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible to start documenting any injuries you might have.

Medical treatment is expensive. Serious injuries from traffic accidents involving rideshare companies could cause you major health problems, especially if left untreated. In some cases, you may even need lifelong medical or care or treatment. Who will pay for all of that?

If a rideshare company is responsible for your injuries, they should compensate you for the cost of your treatment. But for companies like Lyft and Uber, the most important thing is the bottom line. They’d rather pay the least amount they can get away with in order to protect their profits. That could mean leaving rideshare passengers or drivers with the bill.

Remember that rideshare companies and their insurance companies are not on your side. The first thing you should do after a rideshare accident is to talk to a lawyer who can help. Do not talk to the rideshare company or their insurance company until you’ve spoken to a lawyer first. Any statements you make could be used against you to deny your claims.

After a rideshare crash, your case goes into the evidence-gathering phase. Your lawyer can help you collect the evidence you need to prove who is at fault and get compensation for your injuries. The stronger your evidence, the better you can maximize your settlement.

Does Uber or Lyft Compensate for Accidents?

Generally, rideshare apps require their drivers to have car accident liability coverage. In addition, Uber and Lyft carry their own third-party liability insurance to cover any personal injuries or property damage beyond what the driver’s insurance may cover.

The amount of compensation you could get in a Lyft or Uber settlement depends on:

  • The severity of your injuries and the medical treatment you need
  • How much your injuries have affected your daily life
  • Whether your injuries made you unable to work
  • Any pain or suffering you experience because of your injury

A settlement after a rideshare accident could cover:

  • Your medical bills, both present and future
  • Any wages you’ve lost because of your injuries
  • The cost of any long-term treatment or care you might need

The more severe your injuries, the greater compensation you can expect. After an Uber or Lyft accident, the rideshare company or their insurance may reach out with a low settlement offer soon after your accident, hoping you’ll take whatever you can get. A lawyer can help you decide whether a settlement offer is worth taking – or if you should fight for more.

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