What to Do After a Truck Accident


Most freeways in California carry semi-trucks hauling large loads to and from various regions throughout the day and deep into the night. Still, these tractor-trailers or large semis can cause catastrophic damage in an accident. 

The sheer weight and size of these vehicles contribute to the magnitude of damage in accidents involving these behemoth trucks. 

A semi without a trailer attached can weigh five to 12.5 tons based on the type of truck and engine. If it has a trailer attached, add another five tons. This ten to 17.5 tons doesn’t include the load.

Although loads vary, the maximum weight of a semi and load in the U.S. is 40 tons. The length of a semi can be measured from the semi’s grill to the brake lights. They are usually 70 to 80 feet long and usually 13 feet, six inches tall. 

Even a minor mistake on the road can cause an accident in these massive trucks.

After an accident involving a big rig, likely, there were disastrous effects spanning property damage to life-threatening injuries.  The truck accident lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm will help you to overcome this traumatic event in your life using results-driven strategies to receive the various forms of compensation you deserve.

While money cannot give you the life you may have had before, it can help you focus on your health and recovery. 

Know the Statute of Limitations in California for an Accident

A statute of limitations sets the deadline for filing a lawsuit. Plaintiffs must file most lawsuits within the deadline. In general, once the statute of limitations on a case expires, the legal claim becomes invalid. 

California sets a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims. It takes a few days, weeks, or months for some injuries to manifest. If the injury doesn’t manifest right away, then the deadline to submit a lawsuit is one year from the date you discover the injury.

The statute of limitations in California regarding property damage requires plaintiffs to file a lawsuit in three years. 

Essential Steps to Take After a Truck Accident in California

Call 911: Get help! The dispatcher will send police, fire, and ambulance if required. When calling 911, they will need to know the answer to several questions for an effective and timely response of officers, medical professionals, and the fire department if needed.

The most important questions you must answer are: “Who was involved? What happened? Where are you?”

Access medical care: It is important to be seen by your primary care physician, a clinic, or the emergency room staff, regardless of how you feel directly after the accident. Adrenaline masks pain. Even if you feel fine after the accident, get checked, especially if you lost consciousness or hit your head. 

In a truck accident, traumatic brain injury and internal organ damage can occur. Ask your health team to complete comprehensive testing to determine the extent of your injuries.

Keep records of all medical care you receive after the accident. Receipts from office visits, bills, therapies, and pharmacies will build a case for your claim. A truck accident attorney at Wilshire Law Firm will help you. 

Ask for contact information and the accident report. Speak with the other driver to gather contact information and ask officers how to obtain a copy of the accident report for your records.

Gather witness testimony and contact information. A witness’s testimony aids a case by offering an outsider’s view of the event. Collect the names of witnesses and their contact information. Witnesses can testify and help law enforcement determine who is at fault. 

Gather evidence: Keep all documentation gathered in one location. Document all property and injuries by taking photos. Include detailed notes about who was involved, how the accident happened, the location, date, and time of the accident, and all other details you can remember.

Be clear and concise. Complete written documentation as soon as possible to provide a more reliable account of the incident.

Include medical statements, insurance claim information, rental car invoices, driver and witness information, and receipts from medications and therapies. 

Schedule a vehicle appraisal: Contact a professional to appraise your vehicle for damage so you have an appraised value outside of your insurance company. 

Speak to an insurance agent. Once you contact your insurance agent or provider, begin the claims process.

Before giving any medical documentation to the insurance company, contact the lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm. We are trained to protect you and your future claim. 

Insurance companies are rarely an ally. They don’t like to pay out full compensation claims, so a Wilshire Law Firm lawyer will help you with this process. 

Don’t discuss the details of your accident with your insurance provider until you’ve been advised by a lawyer at Wilshire Law Firm to do so. 

Follow up with medical care appointments if necessary. You may need continuing medical follow-up appointments, and note each of them in your documentation.

Avoid discussing your accident or posting on social media. Don’t discuss your accident with others. People can twist your words. Don’t post anything on social media for the same reason. 

Call a truck accident attorney. Research a law firm that has experience with truck accident claims and cases involving personal injury and property damage. Call Wilshire Law Firm at (213) 335-2402.

Get a free consultation. The lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm offer free consultations. California law permits two years from the date of the accident or discovery of the injury per the statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim. Don’t wait this long to decide to call for help.

Provide case details. Create a folder that contains all the information and evidence you have compiled, along with your notes, and have it ready for your meeting or the consultation over the phone

Allow our attorneys to review these details with you so they have a complete understanding of what happened regarding the accident and how it has affected you since the accident.  

Hire a personal injury attorney. More specifically, hire a Wilshire Law Firm attorney. If you were in a truck accident and sustained an injury after a truck accident, let the lawyers at Wilshire take care of you.  

Truck on road

Wilshire Law Firm, a U.S. News Best Law Firm winner, is conveniently located in multiple locations within California. The Wilshire team has offices in Los Angeles, Oakland, Riverside, Orange/Orange County, Fresno, San Jose, and San Francisco.

Set up an appointment with Wilshire Law Firm to explain your concerns regarding the accident and your injury. 

Your attorney will help you understand the legal process involving truck accidents and injuries or damage as a result. Wilshire Law attorneys will advocate for the most compensation possible relating to your case following your goals. 

Let Wilshire Law Firm take care of you and your case by advising you on the best ways to proceed with your claim and handle the insurance company. Wilshire will help you determine which type of compensation you may be eligible for based on the unique accident details, property damage, and injuries. 

California’s Statute of Limitations on filing a claim after a truck accident injury is two years from the date of the accident or injury. 

Get maximum compensation: By hiring a law firm like Wilshire, you will get the maximum payout. Insurance companies rarely pay out what the accident survivor deserves of their own accord, which is why you need a lawyer.   

Understand compensation categories

Accident survivors may recover many types of compensation depending on the situation.

  • Medical expenses: Expenses revolving around your medical recovery in the past, present, and future can count toward medical expenses. This includes medications and medical devices, hospitalizations and surgeries, therapies, and follow-up appointments.
  • Property Damages: You can include any items the accident damaged. This could include damage to your vehicle, phone, or any items within your vehicle. 
  • Lost Wages: Past, present, and future lost wages that resulted from your accident apply.  
  • Pain and Suffering: You may recover compensation if you experienced any pain or suffering due to the accident. 
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life: If you cannot enjoy life as you did before your accident, you may recover financial compensation. 
  • Disfigurement and Scarring: Did your accident cause disfigurement or scarring? If so, these physical reminders deserve compensation. They can cause devastating effects physically and emotionally.
  • Embarrassment or Humiliation: If the accident or repercussions of the accident caused you embarrassment or humiliation, you may recover compensation. 

The attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm recognize health concerns and injuries are unique, regardless of the type of truck accident or injury sustained. The Wilshire team fiercely advocates cases with insurance companies to ensure just compensation for your injuries or any other losses resulting from a truck collision. 

Why Wilshire Law Firm? Win With Wilshire.

The aftermath of an accident can be profoundly transformative, altering both your physical and mental well-being. Perhaps you no longer recognize the person you once were. The impact extends beyond your identity; it affects your property, transportation, work, and daily routines. 

At Wilshire Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys understand the gravity of such situations. We’ve assisted numerous clients in reclaiming their lives after catastrophic truck accidents. By advocating for fair compensation, we aim to alleviate financial burdens. While compensation cannot fully restore what was lost, it can provide a path towards rebuilding and recovery. 

If you need legal support, contact Wilshire Law Firm, a billion-dollar team, to determine the compensation you are entitled to after your accident. Call (213) 335-2402 or go online to set up a free, no-risk consultation with a lawyer who has extensive experience in truck accidents and injuries.

Get justice, get paid.

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