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Why Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer in Ventura?

Ventura is home to over 100,000 people. Home to the famous outdoor lifestyle brand, Patagonia, and many other well-known companies, Ventura is a popular destination for tourism and an incredible plethora of seaside restaurants and boutiques shopping. The Mediterranean climate, found in most southern California cities, makes it charming to reside in, and its coastal location makes it perfect for any water sports or outdoor activities. With all that industry and recreation, it is not always fun in the sun. Unfortunately, accidents occur because we are only human. Fortunately, Wilshire Law Firm’s award-winning Ventura personal injury attorneys are just past the docks! In the event of an accident that causes injury to you or someone you know, you need the best personal injury attorney Ventura has to offer. Here’s why you should hire us:
    • Experience – We have over a decade of experience settling and winning personal injury claims like yours.
    • Availability – We are available 24/7 via phone or through our online contact form to serve you.
    • Quality – our Ventura personal injury law firm is unquestionably the best in Ventura county.
    • Knowledgeable – no other law firm can compare to our intelligent and skilled personal injury lawyers, paralegals, and staff.
    • Family-oriented – when you hire a personal injury attorney in Ventura from our law office, we treat you like family from the second we answer your call. Establishing trust is an essential part of building the attorney-client
    • Free Consultation – A consultation for expert legal advice on your personal injury case is FREE.
    • No attorney fees unless you win – we work on a contingency-fee-basis, which means there are no attorney fees unless there is a settlement reached.
When we begin building your personal injury case, our goal is to get you the maximum compensation. We know that if someone else was responsible for your accident, their insurance company might try to call you. If an insurance adjuster calls you, beware – their job is to get you to accept an offer of compensation that might be lower than what you may actually deserve. We are not afraid of fighting these insurance companies for you. Let a strong negotiator at Wilshire Law Firm take the shifty insurance companies and weight of any legal affairs off of your shoulders. Don’t allow an insurance representative or mediocre attorney to take advantage of you. Call us or fill out our online form today to speak to a personal injury lawyer in Ventura at Wilshire Law Firm for assistance from the most qualified professionals in the county.

What Kinds of Cases do Ventura Personal Injury Lawyers Handle at Wilshire Law Firm?

In short, Wilshire law firm handles ALL personal injury cases. Since 2007, our accident attorneys have been working on various motor vehicle accident claims, with people from all walks of life. No case is too big or too small, or too complicated for our experienced Ventura personal injury lawyers. Here are some facts you should know about personal injury accident cases:
    • Most personal injury cases do not go to trial.
    • A personal injury attorney in Ventura can determine who is liable or responsible for your accident.
    • If your motor vehicle was damaged in an accident, but you are not injured, you may not have a personal injury claim – but you may have a property damage claim or a premises liability claim.
    • A person whose carelessness, recklessness, or intoxication caused your accident is called the “negligent” party.
    • The earlier you call a personal injury attorney about your case, the better chances you have to seek the maximum compensation.
The Ventura personal injury attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm are confident in their ability to bring the truth to light to recover from your accident in peace. A personal injury lawyer at our law firm knows how to build an argument that will result in a favorable outcome and settlement, even if another party blames you for the accident. Here are some personal injury accident cases we have handled in the past:
    • Train Accident
    • Fall Accident
    • Medical Malpractice
Don’t let anything or anyone allows you to believe you don’t deserve to recover the value of your personal injury case. We understand what it means to reclaim your compensatory amount – it is sometimes equivalent to achieving justice for your suffering and pain. We won’t back down until we win!

What Questions Should I Ask My Ventura Personal Injury Attorney?

When you give us a call, you will connect with an experienced personal injury attorney in Ventura who will guide you through the legal process with a free consultation. You might wonder if there are any questions you should ask to help you decide whether you should hire us. Here are some questions you should keep in mind to ask your personal injury attorney at any time. It is appropriate to ask these questions before you hire your personal injury lawyer, or in the process of building your legal case:
    • Have you worked on a case like mine in the past?
    • How long have you been practicing personal injury law?
    • Who will be the attorney working on my case?
    • Can I discuss the details of my accident case with friends or family?
    • What is your fee for taking my case?
    • How often can I contact you?
    • How long will it take to resolve my injury case?
    • What do you need from me right now?
These questions will help to ease your worries and help you confide in your attorney after your car accident. Our primary goal is to establish a strong attorney-client relationship. Know that if you hire an attorney from Wilshire Law Firm, we will answer all of your questions thoroughly and patiently. We enjoy taking the time to get to know you, our client, and work on a contingency fee basis to meet your legal needs and ensure you feel comfortable working with us.

What Factors Might Influence the Settlement Calculations?

Ventura personal injury lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm consult with qualified accident reconstructionist and other experts to calculate damages in your accident case. Damages typically include economic damages and non-economic costs you may have incurred in the months following your accident. For example, you are more likely to have a higher settlement for a traumatic brain injury than a minor laceration injury. The following factors are most likely going to influence the calculation of your personal injury settlement:
    • The severity of your injury
    • Extent of disability
    • Recovery period
    • The extent of emotional trauma
    • Determination of liability
    • Cost of litigation
    • Amount of evidence
    • Pre-existing conditions
As you can gather from this list, there are some influencing factors over which you have no control. Injury victims generally get the maximum compensation possible when they work with us on their personal injury lawsuit because we do everything to maximize your settlement amount.

How Much Do You Get for Pain and Suffering?

At our law office, we have compensation experts on call to assess your claim and come up with its worth. The value of a personal injury case depends on several elements:
    • The cost of medical treatment – Includes the cost of hospitalization, any long-term medical care, and any medications or therapy required in the months and years following the accident.
    • Lost wages – If your injury causes you to miss work, your settlement will include any lost wages. If the damage were severe enough to take you out of work for more than a few months, your potential compensation would consist of any future lost income.
    • Property damage – If you lost any clothing, damaged your car, or any other items, you may be compensated for these losses in your final settlement.
    • Pain and Suffering – Yes, you can receive compensation for any pain and suffering from your injury and losses. This is considered noneconomic damage, along with emotional distress, depression, or worsening of pre-existing conditions.
    • Loss of companionship or intimacy – Typically sought when the accident victim has a spouse or child.
    • Punitive damages – In California, a jury can award punitive damages in a personal injury case. Punitive damages are meant to punish and deter negligence, malice, oppression, and fraud.

What Should I do Before Hiring a Ventura Injury Lawyer?

It is critical to take the right steps in the moments following your accident. Before hiring a personal injury attorney at Wilshire Law Firm, you should do the following:
    • Seek proper medical treatment.
    • Ensure you have a copy of the police report for your accident.
    • Gather other items that may serve as evidence, such as photos.
    • Gather witness accounts, if there were any witnesses or other injured parties involved in the accident.
    • Gather any medical records.
    • Gather your biographical documents.
You can trust the Ventura personal injury attorneys to take care of you. We are the absolute best at reaching fair and just case resolutions for our injury victims.  We have a rich history of verdicts and settlements, see for yourself! Call today or fill out our online form – we are available 24/7, 365 at 1-855-966-0529.

How a Ventura Personal Injury Lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm Can Help

If you wonder whether it would be worth it to seek help from a personal injury lawyer, it doesn’t hurt to ask. A free consultation can point you in the right direction and provide clarity on how a Ventura personal injury attorney can help you. Specifically, if you suffered a catastrophic injury in a car accident, you should consult with an accident lawyer at Wilshire Law Firm. The purpose of hiring an attorney is to help you recover financial compensation for your losses. In addition to helping you recover for damages; a Ventura personal injury lawyer can do the following as legal representation for your case:
    • Investigate your personal injury claim
    • Gather substantial evidence
    • Negotiate with an insurance company
    • Send demand letters to insurance companies
    • Prepare pleadings against the liable party
    • Represent you in trial
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By submitting this form, you agree to receive telephone calls and text messages at anytime, which include hours outside of business hours (8:00 a.m. PST - 9:00 p.m. PST). This is so that we may reach you as soon as possible in order to consult on your potential case.