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Being attacked or bitten by a dog can be a frightening and painful experience. These incidents often leave victims with not only physical injuries but also psychological trauma and significant medical expenses. Navigating this distressing situation becomes easier with legal recourse.

In Oakland and throughout California, specific statutes govern dog bite cases. This area of law seeks to protect the rights of dog bite victims, allowing them to seek compensation for their injuries. However, the process can be complex. That’s where a dedicated lawyer comes into the picture.

At Wilshire Law Firm, we stand at the forefront of dog bite litigation. Our seasoned team of legal professionals brings to your fight a finely honed experience and a relentless pursuit of justice, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our Oakland dog bite attorneys understand the intricacies of California law and how to navigate the legal system aggressively and confidently on your behalf. We are deeply committed to advocating for victims and holding negligent dog owners accountable.

From the moment you engage us as your legal team, we commit to making your journey to legal restitution as swift and uncomplicated as possible. At Wilshire Law Firm, we don’t just see clients; we see individuals who have been disempowered by circumstances beyond their control and who deserve nothing but unwavering support and the highest caliber of legal advocacy.

Why Choose Wilshire Law Firm for Your Oakland Dog Bite Case?

When faced with the aftermath of a dog bite, you need an ally armed with the requisite knowledge, experience, and resources. Here’s why our Oakland personal injury attorneys stand apart:

We are a cohesive team of over 500 legal professionals united in our commitment to pursuing justice for our clients. Equipped with extensive practice in dog bite cases, we understand the intricacies involved and how to navigate them adeptly, all while challenging insurance companies and legal entities.

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Recognized repeatedly as one of the ‘Best Law Firms’ by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers®, we bring to the table a proven track record of legal excellence. Our commitment is that you, the client, always come first. With a winning streak spanning multiple categories, we’re known for securing top verdicts and settlements. We’re particularly proud of our track record in dog bite cases, where we’ve consistently ensured the maximum possible compensation for our clients.

No Win, No Fee Guarantee

We operate on a contingency fee basis—there are no upfront costs, and if we don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay attorney fees. Our firm stands as a testament to affordability and accessibility in procuring legal services.

Available 24/7

Timely assistance is crucial when you’re dealing with a dog bite case. That’s why our team is available 24/7 to answer your queries, address your concerns, and get your case started whenever you need.

At Wilshire Law Firm, our goal is simple: to offer you comprehensive support, crystal-clear communication, and confident representation tailored to your specific situation. Our attorneys will guide you every step of the way, advocating fiercely on your behalf to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Choose us today for a partnership that’s built on unwavering dedication and a shared commitment to your justice.

Dog Bite Law in Oakland, California

In the realm of personal injury law, California operates under the statute of Civil Code Section 3342, also known as the “Dog Bite Statute.”

Dog biting hand

This legislation states that a dog owner is typically held legally liable when their dog bites someone, whether the incident occurred publicly or privately, including the owner’s property. The only condition is that the victim was lawfully present in the location where the incident occurred.

This law makes California a strict liability state, which implies that the dog owner cannot evade liability by arguing they didn’t know the dog could or would behave aggressively. Regardless of the breed or history of the dog, you can hold the owner responsible for any injury the dog inflicts unless the victim was trespassing or provoking the dog.

Further, the dog bite statute applies exclusively to bites and not to other forms of harm a dog may cause. For instance, if a dog jumps on an individual and pushes them to the ground, causing injury, the strict liability rule won’t apply, but the victim could still seek compensation under general personal injury rules.

At Wilshire Law Firm, we are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of dog bite laws in California. We strive to ensure that you are rightly compensated for your injuries and have justice served for the traumatic experience you’ve endured. If a dog has injured you, placing the responsibility where it belongs — on the dog’s owner— is what we aim for.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

A dog bite can inflict severe and lasting harm on victims. The physical trauma alone can range from minor puncture wounds to significant muscular damage in more severe cases. These injuries may result in the need for emergency medical attention, long-term medical care, potential reconstructive surgeries, and physical rehabilitation.

Beyond the physical harm, dog bite victims often experience significant psychological distress as a result of the attack. It’s not uncommon for victims, especially children, to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), decreased quality of life, sleep disturbances, and fear of dogs that may last a lifetime.

Additionally, dog bite injuries can lead to significant fiscal drain due to medical bills, loss of wages from time off work, and possible reduced earning capacity if the injuries lead to long-term disability.

At Wilshire Law Firm, we understand that the aftermath of dog bites transcends beyond physical injuries. It’s about the whole spectrum of suffering: the seen and the unseen, the palpable and the emotive. That’s why our careful approach to your case includes not just the visible injuries but also the emotional and financial injuries incurred by the incident.

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What to Do After a Dog Bite in Oakland

Dog bites can leave you in shock.

Here, we outline a few critical steps that can help you after a dog bite incident.

  • Seek Immediate Medical Attention: First and foremost, get medical help as soon as possible, even if the initial injury appears minor. Dog bites can lead to severe infections and long-term complications. Detailed medical records documenting your injury are also crucial for any future legal proceedings.
  • Identify the Dog and the Owner: If possible, identify the dog that bit you and collect the owner’s information, including name, contact details, and any relevant insurance coverage. Also, ask about the dog’s vaccination records.
  • Report the Incident: File a report with your local animal control agency or the police. Such formal documentation will support your case during a legal procedure.
  • Document the Incident and Injuries: Photograph your injuries and the location where the attack occurred. Take down notes describing the incident in detail. Gather information from any witnesses if available.
  • Seek Legal Help: Contact a knowledgeable and experienced dog bite attorney from Wilshire Law Firm. We can guide you through the complexities of initiating a claim and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.

Remember, after a dog bite, you’re not alone. At Wilshire Law Firm, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate through these difficult circumstances and strive to get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

Compensation You Can Claim After a Dog Bite Injury

 In a dog bite case, as a victim, you can claim compensation, often referred to as damages, to cover the financial and emotional losses you incurred due to the incident.

Dog biting women in the park

The law in California allows for the recovery of both economic and non-economic damages:

  • Economic Damages: These are financial losses that can be calculated and verified, such as medical expenses (both past and future), loss of earnings, cost of rehabilitative therapy, and any other expenses related to the dog bite incident.
  • Non-Economic Damages: These damages are harder to quantify as they cater to more subjective losses such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and reduction in the quality of life. In cases where a child is the victim, the loss of enjoyment of life can be quite substantial.

The amount of compensation you could recover largely depends on the circumstances of the case, the severity of injuries, the effect of the incident on your everyday life, and the aptitude of your legal representation in presenting your case.

At Wilshire Law Firm, we work tirelessly to ensure that all aspects of your losses, both economic and non-economic, are thoroughly documented and presented. Our aim is to secure the maximum possible compensation to help you manage the financial strain and emotional hardship inflicted by the dog bite incident.

How Wilshire Law Firm Can Help Your Dog Bite Claim

In the aftermath of a dog bite incident, the road to justice and recovery can feel long and arduous. Wilshire Law Firm seeks to simplify this journey for you. Right from first understanding your case to advocating for your rights, our team is committed to being by your side at every step. We adopt a multi-pronged approach to assist our clients. 

First, we keep you abreast of every move we make and explain your right to compensation. Next, we aim to establish liability quickly and decisively by leveraging our deep understanding of dog bite laws in California. We meticulously gather evidence to strengthen your case.

Then, our negotiation skills come into play. Having successfully dealt with numerous insurance companies, we ensure that you receive a settlement that covers the complete extent of your damages. 

Lastly, we offer compassionate support. We understand that behind every case is a person who has suffered. We do our best to reduce your stress and anxiety about the legal procedures. In essence, at Wilshire Law Firm, we don’t just provide legal services; we are a sturdy pillar of support you can lean on during this trying time.

The​​ Importance of Acting Promptly

While dealing with the repercussions of a dog bite can be daunting, resistance to formulating an immediate legal response can lead to complications down the line.

According to the California statute of limitations, plaintiffs must file a dog bite lawsuit within two years of the incident. Any delay risks the court dismissing your case, leaving you unable to claim the compensation you deserve.

At Wilshire Law Firm, we drive the legwork required to build your case in adherence to these timelines.

Once you engage us, we swiftly initiate the documentation process, ensuring all legal prerequisites are met within the restricted timeframe. We take on the urgency your case demands. You focus on healing, and let us shoulder the responsibility of meeting the legal timelines and procuring the justice and compensation you deserve. 

Contact an Oakland Dog Bite Attorney Today

Our team of dedicated attorneys is ready to assist you, from understanding eligibility for a claim to negotiating with major insurance companies and, if necessary, representing your interests in court. By entrusting your case to us, you’re opting for proven legal prowess, compassionate support, and a relentless pursuit of justice.

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