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Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one was a pedestrian that was struck by a vehicle, every second that goes by since the accident happened, is a second the accident victim could be losing out on serious compensation in the form of case resolution. While walking along the city streets, you have rights. The expert pedestrain accident attorneys at the Wilshire Law Firm could help you pay:

  • Hospital bills
  • Family visits
  • Ride arrangements
  • Loss of past and future wages
  • Many other unforeseen expenses

This is just the beginning of your personal injury journey, and these precious moments are the most important in terms of winning a favorable case resolution down the line. Don’t delay, call Wilshire Law Firm today!



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The Best Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in California

It’s no surprise that the number of pedestrian accidents is on the rise in the Los Angeles area, as well as across the country. With nearly two cars for every person in the country, the number of drivers on the road has grown exponentially over the years. With the increased number of cars comes more possibility of accidents between motor vehicles, and the risk of being hit by a car as a pedestrian has also gone up. Still, though, many people don’t know what happens after an accident has occurred and many drivers are not apprised of their rights and responsibilities associated with causing an accident that results in the injury of a pedestrian. At Wilshire Law Firm, we want to ensure you have all the information you need to handle the stress and discomfort of managing the aftermath of a pedestrian accident. We’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the information in an easy-to-follow way.

Never Assume You Are at Fault

You might make the mistake of assuming that if you have hit a pedestrian on the road with your car that you are at fault. Because cars are bigger and more powerful than people or even cyclists, it is easy to assume that the driver is at fault. However, investigations will show that this is not always the case. If you have been in an accident that has caused an injury to a pedestrian, it is important to not admit fault. You might find that the pedestrian was acting in a way that put themselves at risk, was in an unauthorized area of the road, or was actually trying to get hurt by a vehicle. It does happen. So before you do anything else following a car accident where a pedestrian gets hurt, remind yourself that it might not be your fault. It’s easy to make a lot of assumptions about a car accident, and you might offer up insurance and want to settle, but our experience has shown that the driver is not always at fault. If you have been hit by a car, the same rule applies: don’t make the mistake of thinking the driver is at fault. This might be a hard pill to swallow, especially because cars and trucks do a lot of damage to people when they collide, but it doesn’t mean the driver is to blame. This is a difficult reality for people to understand, but many laws and rules apply to both pedestrians and drivers alike, and we can help you understand which ones apply in your particular situation. If multiple vehicles are involved in a pedestrian accident or if multiple people have been hurt by one or more vehicles, additional implications may arise, and you’ll need to help and support of a trusted pedestrian accident lawyer in Los Angeles like Wilshire Law Firm.

Statistics Surrounding Pedestrian Accidents

You might be surprised to find that many people die each year as a result of being hit by a car on the roads of Los Angeles. Depending on the speed of the car, the risk of injury varies from low risk to a high risk of death and serious injury. Across the United States, nearly 5000 a year a killed by cars on the roads – of these numbers, about 1000 of them are pedestrian accidents that result in death. In addition to the people who have died as a result of accidents on the roads of America, an additional 50,000+ people are injured as a result of cars on the road. That is nearly a thousand people a year in each state that are injured on the roads while walking. Of course, not all of them were victims of car accidents – some were at fault for the accident while others were the victims. Often, pedestrians make the mistake of assuming that cars are going to slow down or stop when they see a person on the road. The truth is that many drivers are more distracted than ever it many people don’t even see someone until they have hit them with their car. Drugs and alcohol use, cell phones, and more can all contribute to the staggering statistics related to pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles and across the nation.

What are the Risk Factors Associated with Pedestrian Accidents?

There are many risk factors that cause pedestrian accidents, and as we have said before, not all of them are brought on by drivers of motor vehicles. In many cases, the pedestrian is not paying attention to the area where he or she is walking. People can lose their footing, misstep, or fall into traffic. Pedestrians don’t always follow the rules of the roads and will walk across a busy intersection without regard for the drivers of vehicles – again, thinking the drivers will simply stop for them. Sometimes, drivers see pedestrians and cannot stop in time. Other risk factors include drugs, alcohol, and cell phone use. Cell phone use continues to be on the rise, and more and more people are being ticketed for cell phone use while driving. However, there are also accidents caused by pedestrians who are staring down at their phones while walking. People walk into traffic, step off curbs, and trip on cracks because they aren’t paying attention to where they are going while they browse Facebook on their phones. Other risk factors include typical issues such as weather and the condition of the car on the road. For example, a driver may not have maintained their brakes and are unable to stop fast enough to allow a pedestrian to move out of the way or cross the street. The time of year also plays a key factor in the risk of pedestrian accidents and deaths. For example, when people gather for events such as holidays, parties, concerts and BBQs, they are more likely to take to the roads following such an event. When crowds of people gather in roadways, drivers have a hard time navigating the roads, and people are more likely to get hurt. Additional risk factors include the time of day. When the sun is rising and setting it can cause reduced visibility for drivers, as well as pedestrians, and either party might not see oncoming traffic or someone walking on the side of the road. When rain or other weather factors cause reduced visibility, this can also increase the risk of accidents. Many accidents occur in the evening hours and over the weekends when more traffic is on the road trying to get home from work, or out of town for the weekend. During long weekends, traffic can double or triple, and that also causes more concern for those walking on the road. Another risk factor that is not often considered is the age of the pedestrian. Older people and younger people are more susceptible to being in an accident with a car. Older adults are at risk because they often don’t have the same mobility as younger adults, they might not be able to see as well, they can’t hear as well, and they might not realize the rules of the road. Younger children are also at risk for being hit by a car on the road because they are more likely to run after a ball, chase a friend, or these days, be looking at their phones and not paying attention to where they are going. It might sound like stereotyping, but statistics show that older and younger people are at more risk of injury on the road then middle-aged adults who are more likely to be safe on the roads.

There are Many Types of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents go beyond just being hit by a car in the middle of the street. Accidents come in all shapes and sizes and can occur in the middle of the road just as easily as they can occur in the middle of a sidewalk. Most city intersections have designated and marked sidewalks and crosswalks for pedestrians to use; however, when crosswalks are not marked, it can be confusing for drivers and pedestrians to understand the rules of the road. Even when the rules of the road are being obeyed, accidents can still happen. And even if the pedestrian and driver have done everything right, that’s not to say that a third driver couldn’t complicate the situation resulted in an accident. Many types of accidents can occur as a result of both the drivers on the road and the pedestrians. Jaywalking is a common problem in many cities, including Los Angeles. The rules around Jaywalking are not always clear, and many drivers will initially blame a pedestrian for walking into the middle of the street if it results in an accident, but there are many things to consider during the time of the accident. This is why it is important for either party not to admit guilt at the time of the accident. You never know what an investigation is going to yield. Another type of accident that may occur on highways happens when vehicles are traveling very fast. These accidents happen at night in many cases and are often associated with hit-and-run scenarios. If a pedestrian is “clipped” by a car on the side of the highway, it is easy for a driver to mistaken a person for a large animal and keep on driving. Again, there are rules around this sort of behavior, but many people are just not apprised of the actual law related to how these things can impact drivers. Additional implications can arise when it is discovered that a driver left the scene of an accident because they thought they hit an animal. Another type of accident that has nothing to do with cars or vehicles is when a pedestrian is hurt on a city street by a fall or poor road maintenance. If this is the case, a very different type of case needs to be brought about, and an investigation into the state of the road or sidewalk will be conducted. If you or someone who know has fallen on a city sidewalk or roadway as a result of poor maintenance or upkeep, contact the expert lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm to discuss pedestrian accident law and how we can help.

Who Has the Right-of-Way?

Knowing who had the right-of-way in an accident is a tricky thing to determine. Professional investigators are often brought in on the case to determine who is at fault. While it might seem obvious to bystanders or witnesses who is at fault, a thorough investigation is necessary to rule everything out and determine the cause of the accident. This can take time, and it can be further complicated by parties who admit guilt or deny their involvement in the accident altogether. However, there are a few laws that are firm about the rules of the road. For starters, if a pedestrian is in a crosswalk, they have the right-of-way. There are very few circumstances in which the pedestrian could be found to be at fault when they are hit in a crosswalk. However, it does happen. Jaywalking is considered an infraction, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the driver is not to blame for the accident. While Jaywalkers don’t have the right-of-way, that doesn’t give drivers the right to plow through them on the road. Cautious driving still needs to be implemented, and investigators will look for signs that you were paying attention to the road if you hit a pedestrian while they were Jaywalking. Also, Jaywalking doesn’t always means the pedestrian is right either. It gets very complicated, so be sure to reach out to the pedestrian injury lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm if you are not sure and need help navigating your pedestrian accident case. If a pedestrian is in a designated crosswalk, but the crosswalk is equipped with a “do not walk” sign, then this can negatively impact the pedestrian’s claim. Again, knowing what to do and how to move forward can be difficult during these times, so don’t try to figure them out on your own. We can help you find the answers you need and ensure you have all the information to move forward properly. Interestingly enough, when accidents involve children, drivers can be held liable even if it was determined that the child caused the accident. This is for several reasons: one reason is that it is widely accepted that young children do not understand the dangers of cars on the roads and drivers should be cautious when driving around young children. The second reason is that drivers need to be on the lookout for children in key areas such as schools, parks, hospitals, and recreational areas. Being surprised by a child in these locations may not sit well in court.

Determining Negligence in an Accident

As you have seen throughout this article, it is very difficult to determine who is at fault when a car hits a pedestrian in the street, crosswalk, sidewalk or anywhere else vehicles may populate. Negligence is often a concern when accidents occur, and one of the first things police and investigators will ask is “what were you doing at the time of the accident” to the driver. In other words, “were you using your cell phone?” or “were you paying attention to the road?” It seems like a redundant question but think about the number of people you see on the roads every day who have their head down looking at the phones instead of having their head up looking at the road. The danger is real and the risk of death to those involved in a pedestrian accident because of a speeding car is also very real. Investigators and police will work to determine if poor care was taken while driving. If you have been in an accident involving a pedestrian, it is important to get proper representation as soon as possible. The pedestrian accident lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm can help you manage the situation and find out the facts so that you have the best chance of coming out of the case without penalty. For pedestrians who have been hit by a vehicle, getting your facts in order as soon as possible is important to the success of your case and ensuring you seek medical attention, even if you don’t have any obvious injuries, is important. We’ll ensure your paperwork is completed and filed properly so that there are no errors that could cause your case to be dismissed.

What Are Your Options if You’ve Been Involved in an Accident?

When you have been the victim of a pedestrian accident, you have several options. There are many ways to file a claim to receive damages related to the accident. For example, if it is determined that poor road conditions caused the accident, a claim may be filed against city or municipality that is responsible for the road conditions. If it is determined that the accident was caused by faulty mechanics in the vehicle, the car company could be held liable. If you have been hit by a car, the driver’s insurance company may be responsible for covering damages related to medical bills, lost wages, and more. Many cases start out looking for information about who is at fault to determine who needs to pay for what and this search can be confusing and overwhelming for someone who has just been through a traumatic accident. Contact Wilshire Law Firm if you have been in an accident and we’ll help you understand how you can move forward and get the justice you deserve.

Insurance Considerations

While insurance is required to drive a car, that doesn’t mean that everyone has insurance. If you are hit by a driver that doesn’t have car insurance, additional claims can be filed to sue for the damages incurred. This is not always ideal for pedestrian accident victims because, without insurance, it is hard for drivers to pay the penalties associated with driving without a license, let alone pay out a lawsuit, but it is often a necessary strategy for victims of pedestrian accidents who have lost time at work, had to undergo pain and discomfort and more. Where lawsuits need to be brought about, additional time is needed to prepare a case, and this can lead to a long journey for the pedestrian accident victim. We’ll discuss your options with you to ensure that a lawsuit is right for you. Many factors come into play when you are pursuing a lawsuit against a driver that didn’t have insurance, and you’ll need to be prepared for that situation properly. Sometimes accident victims make the mistake of thinking they have an automatic win, but things can become complicated whether insurance is involved or not. Let the experts at Wilshire Law Firm help you get the best possible result following a terrible accident. If the driver does not have enough insurance to cover the cost of the damages incurred as a result of the accident, additional lawsuits can be brought about to ensure your damages are covered. In situations where pedestrians are found to be the cause of the accident, drivers need professional legal advice on how to move forward with a claim to recover their damages.

Work with Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles

If you or someone you know has been hit by a car in the Los Angeles area, contact Wilshire Law Firm for expert help today. With years of experience representing those that have been wronged on the road, we can ensure you get the justice you deserve. We’ll walk you through the process of filing a case against a driver if you have been hit by a car, and if you were driving a car and hit a pedestrian in the streets of Los Angele or surrounding areas, we’ll ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities if you are at fault. We’ll provide you with professional service and support you every step of the way. Reach out to the expert lawyers of Wilshire Law Firm today.

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