Wilshire Law Firm Wins Class Certification for Bank of America Workers

LOS ANGELES, CA. December 4, 2019 – In an important victory that will benefit thousands of workers and protect countless others, Wilshire Law Firm secured class certification on Tuesday against behemoth Bank of America in a lawsuit for California Labor Code violations. The class consists of treasury services advisers and financial center assistant managers who worked for Bank of America in California.

The ruling comes after numerous judges denied previous efforts to obtain certification. Justin F. Marquez, Senior Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm, observed: “We prevailed where so many others have failed.” Nicol E. Hajjar, counsel for plaintiffs, added: “Wilshire Law Firm is pleased with this favorable outcome, and we remain vigorous in walking side-by-side with our clients in pursuing justice.”

Plaintiffs alleged that Bank of America, America’s second-largest bank, failed to pay class members for all hours worked and routinely denied class members of their required-by-law meal and rest breaks.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler agreed with the plaintiffs. In her 24-page order Tuesday granting class certification, the court noted: “the facts that underlie the plaintiffs’ claims are that the Bank’s de facto policies (1) make off-the-clock work unavoidable because employees must work before they log in for their shifts and after they log out and (2) set performance goals that make it impossible to take meal-and-rest breaks.” As a result, the court found that “Bank of America’s system-wide implementation of its policies … would generate common answers apt to drive the resolution of the litigation.”

The workers are represented by Justin F. Marquez, Bobby Saadian, Nicol E. Hajjar, Thiago M. Coelho and Robert Dart of Wilshire Law Firm PLC; and Stephen Noel Ilg and George L. Lin of Ilg Legal Office PC.

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