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If you or a loved one have been hurt as a pedestrian on the roads of San Francisco, you know how significantly it can change your life. Now more than ever, you need a talented and loyal San Francisco Pedestrian Accident lawyers fighting for your rights.

Wilshire Law Firm’s dedicated and compassionate legal assistance provides our pedestrian accident clients with the support and guidance they need.

Why Choose Our San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Attorneys?

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Wilshire Law Firm is the foremost choice for legal assistance in Fresno for numerous compelling reasons. Our extensive team of over 500 highly skilled legal professionals boasts a well-established history of achieving remarkable outcomes.

We’ve won more than $1 billion for our clients, including a recent $35.2 million victory in a case where a big truck rear-ended our client on the freeway, causing life-changing injuries.

Our firm profoundly understands the distinctive complexities accompanying pedestrian accident cases and leverages 15 years of experience and abundant resources to address them effectively.

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Most Dangerous San Francisco Streets for Pedestrians

Every year in San Francisco, there are thousands of traffic accidents. Some of these accidents involve pedestrians getting hit, lives lost, and cars smashed. 

Do you ever wonder where in the city you are most likely to get hit by a car or be in an accident?

You’re most likely to get hit by a car at intersections when driving through them or crossing the street.

To learn more about this, The Standard collected data from San Francisco’s police, transportation agency, and health department. They looked at accident information from over 18,000 intersections in the city.

Here are the five most dangerous spots for pedestrians: 

  • 5th and Market
  • Market and Octavia
  • 6th and Market
  • Mission and Van Ness
  • 16th and Potrero

The location where head-on collisions are most likely to occur is Crossover Drive in Golden Gate Park.

What Are The Most Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries?

The most common injuries in pedestrian accidents can vary in severity, but some of the typical injuries include:

  • Soft tissue injuries: These include bruises, cuts, scrapes, and minor contusions. While they are usually not life-threatening, they can still be painful and require medical attention.
  • Fractures and broken bones: Pedestrians often suffer fractures or broken bones, particularly in the arms, legs, and hips. These injuries may require surgery or prolonged rehabilitation.
  • Head injuries: Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and concussions can occur when a pedestrian’s head strikes the ground or a vehicle. These injuries can have long-lasting effects and could necessitate extensive medical care.
  • Spinal cord injuries: In some cases, pedestrian accidents result in spinal cord injuries, leading to paralysis or other serious impairments.
  • Internal injuries: Pedestrians may suffer internal injuries, such as damage to organs or bleeding, which can be life-threatening if not promptly treated.
  • Nerve damage: Nerve injuries can occur due to trauma, resulting in pain, numbness, or loss of function in affected areas.
  • Emotional and psychological trauma: Pedestrian accidents often result in emotional and psychological distress, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.
  • Fatal injuries: Unfortunately, some pedestrian accidents result in fatalities, and pedestrians may not survive the collision.

The severity of injuries can vary widely depending on factors such as the speed of the vehicle, the point of impact, and whether protective measures like helmets or reflective clothing were in use. 

Pedestrian accidents can be hazardous because pedestrians lack the protection that occupants of vehicles have, making them more vulnerable to severe injuries or fatalities when struck by a car.

California Crosswalk and Pedestrian Laws

California, known for its bustling urban areas like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, strongly emphasizes pedestrian safety through various laws to protect those on foot. 

Understanding these regulations is crucial for pedestrians and drivers alike to ensure safe interactions on the road. 

California Vehicle Code 21960: Right-of-Way for Pedestrians

One fundamental law in California’s vehicle code, VC 21960, establishes a clear rule: drivers must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians within a marked crosswalk or at an intersection. This rule may seem straightforward, but it is not without nuances.

Prohibitions on sudden movement

While pedestrians have the right-of-way in marked crosswalks, VC 21960 also includes language prohibiting pedestrians from suddenly leaving the curb or other places of safety and walking or running into the path of a dangerously close vehicle. This provision aims to prevent risky behavior that could lead to accidents. 

Pedestrian accident claims and challenges

Because California’s traffic laws about who has the right-of-way in pedestrian accidents can be confusing and unclear, insurance companies often argue about these claims. This is when getting help from a lawyer can be really helpful.

A pedestrian accident attorney can help you navigate the claims process and protect your rights if you’re injured while legally crossing at a curb or crosswalk.

California’s pedestrian laws are in place to safeguard the safety of those on foot in a state known for its vibrant urban landscapes. While these laws establish clear rules and rights for pedestrians, the intricacies can sometimes lead to disputes when accidents occur.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s advisable to consult with a pedestrian accident attorney who can help you understand your legal rights and navigate the claims process effectively. 

What Are the Most Common Reasons for Pedestrian Accidents?

Several factors contribute to pedestrian accidents in San Francisco, with the following being the most common causes:

  • Distracted driving: Many pedestrian accidents result from distracted driving, where drivers divert their attention from the road by using mobile phones (especially for texting), engaging with electronic devices, conversing with passengers, or other activities that shift their focus away from driving safely.
  • Alcohol and substance abuse: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a significant factor in traffic accidents, including those involving pedestrians.
  • Speeding: Exceeding the speed limit is another significant contributor to pedestrian accidents, as higher speeds reduce the driver’s reaction time and increase the severity of collisions.
  • Failure to yield: A considerable portion of pedestrian accidents occurs when motor vehicle drivers do not yield the right-of-way to pedestrians, particularly at intersections. Many fatal pedestrian accidents happen in these scenarios.
  • Lack of turn signal: Neglecting turn signals when making a turn is a common cause of pedestrian accidents. When drivers fail to signal their intentions, pedestrians crossing the road may not receive adequate warning and could inadvertently walk into the vehicle’s path.
  • Visibility and time of day: Pedestrian accidents often occur during nighttime hours due to reduced visibility. Factors like poor lighting and an increase in motorists driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs contribute to hazardous conditions. 

Dawn and dusk pose challenges, with low sun angles causing glare for both pedestrians and drivers.

Understanding these common factors behind pedestrian accidents is crucial for drivers and pedestrians to promote road safety and reduce the risk of such incidents. 

Staying attentive, obeying traffic laws, and respecting pedestrians’ right-of-way are essential steps in preventing pedestrian accidents in San Francisco and beyond.

How Can You Prove Liability in a San Francisco Pedestrian Accident?

Proving liability in a pedestrian accident typically involves gathering evidence to establish that the vehicle’s driver was at fault for causing the collision. 

Wilshire Law Firm

To establish liability in a pedestrian accident, we can use:

  • Eyewitness testimony: Statements from individuals who witnessed the accident can be crucial in determining liability. Witnesses can provide firsthand accounts of what happened and who was at fault.
  • Police reports: Law enforcement officers who respond to the accident scene will often create an accident report, including who they believe is at fault based on their investigation and statements from involved parties and witnesses.
  • Traffic violations: Violation of traffic laws by, for example, speeding, running a red light, or failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk can indicate liability. Traffic citations issued to the driver can support your claim.
  • Security cameras: Video footage from traffic, security, or dashcams can provide visual evidence of the accident, establishing the sequence of events and who had the right of way.
  • Photographs: Take photographs of the accident scene, including vehicle damage, skid marks, road conditions, and any traffic signs or signals. These images can help reconstruct the accident and demonstrate liability.
  • Medical records: If you, as the pedestrian, sustained injuries, your medical records can establish the extent and nature of your injuries. They can also show a direct link between the accident and your injuries.
  • Professional witnesses: Accident reconstruction teams or medical professionals may provide testimony, helping clarify the accident’s circumstances and the injuries sustained.
  • Driver statements: Statements made by the driver involved in the accident can establish liability. They may admit fault at the scene or make incriminating statements to law enforcement or insurance adjusters.
  • Traffic laws: Familiarize yourself with local traffic laws and regulations to understand the rights and responsibilities of pedestrians and drivers. If the driver violated these laws, it could support your case.

Proving liability in a pedestrian accident can be complex, and it may require the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney. They can help you gather and present evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and, if necessary, represent you in a legal claim or lawsuit to seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

What Do Lawyers Do for Pedestrian Accident Victims?

A lawyer can be invaluable in helping a pedestrian accident victim in several ways:

  • Law knowledge: A pedestrian accident lawyer knows the legal principles and procedures for pedestrian accident cases. They can guide the legal aspects of your claim.
  • Investigation: Lawyers can conduct a thorough investigation of the accident, gathering evidence such as witness statements, police reports, surveillance footage, and accident reconstruction reports to establish liability.
  • Determining damages: They can help assess the full extent of your damages, including medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and future expenses related to your injuries.
  • Negotiating with insurance companies: Insurance companies often try to minimize payouts. A lawyer can deal with the insurance company to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries and losses.
  • Litigation: If negotiations fail to result in a fair settlement, a lawyer can file a lawsuit and represent you in court. They will handle all legal proceedings, including filing court documents, presenting evidence, and arguing your case before a judge and jury.
  • Legal strategy: Lawyers develop a legal strategy tailored to your specific case, considering your unique circumstances, the strength of your claim, and potential challenges.
  • Protecting your rights: A lawyer protects your rights throughout the legal process and advises you on the best course of action at each stage.
  • Managing legal deadlines: Personal injury cases involve strict deadlines for filing claims and lawsuits. Your lawyer will ensure you meet these deadlines and don’t risk losing your right to compensation.
  • Maximizing compensation: Ultimately, a pedestrian accident lawyer’s primary goal is to help you receive the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses.

Hiring a lawyer can significantly improve your chances of obtaining a fair settlement or winning a lawsuit if the responsible party is unwilling to cooperate. 

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