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More and more, San Francisco tourists and locals alike rely upon rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft for their transportation needs. However, with more rideshare vehicles and drivers on the road comes the possibility of accidents and injuries.

Rideshare accidents frequently occur when rideshare vehicle operators and other drivers behave carelessly and recklessly. If you suffered injuries in a recent rideshare accident, consult experienced, smart San Francisco legal counsel right away about your options.

The skilled, relentless San Francisco rideshare accident lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm can file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against all potentially responsible parties to pursue the financial compensation you deserve.

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Why Choose Us for Your San Francisco Rideshare Accident Case?

If you sustained injuries in a rideshare accident that resulted from a driver’s negligence, you are not alone. You want the best possible team of attorneys advocating for your interests and aggressively fighting the insurance company for fair monetary recovery on your behalf.

In that regard, you should look no further than the experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm.

Our legal team can aggressively advocate for your interests in pursuit of a favorable settlement offer. However, if the insurance company does not make you a fair offer, we are not afraid to litigate your case to a trial or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceeding.

Our assertive, client-first approach to personal injury cases has helped our clients recover favorable results and become whole again, as evidenced by our recent settlements and jury verdicts.

Our main office is located at 3055 Wilshire Boulevard, 12th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90010. Let us help you recover the compensation you deserve for your rideshare-accident injuries.

How Much Is My San Francisco Rideshare Accident Case Worth?

Determining the worth of a rideshare accident case in San Francisco involves a complex evaluation of various factors. The available amount of financial compensation often revolves around the extent of the accident victim’s injuries, property damage, and overall effect on their life.

Medical expenses play a pivotal role, encompassing immediate treatment costs, ongoing rehabilitation, and potential future medical needs. However, a thorough analysis of the medical records is essential to ascertain the full scope of the accident victim’s injuries – and the consequences of those injuries.

Lost income and income potential also contribute significantly to the case’s value. If the victim is unable to work due to their accident or if their earning capacity is diminished in the long term, these factors are part of the compensation calculation. 

Emotional distress and pain and suffering, though subjective, are crucial components as well. The psychological toll of the accident, including anxiety, trauma, and a diminished quality of life, is also factored into the overall claim.

In some cases, punitive damages may be available if the rideshare driver’s conduct is deemed particularly egregious – such as if the rideshare driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These damages aim to punish the at-fault party and deter similar behavior in the future. However, they are not always applicable and depend upon the case specifics.

The severity of the accident and resulting injuries, as well as the degree of negligence on the part of the rideshare driver or other involved parties, further influences the total compensation amount.

You need a lawyer who can establish liability, and the driver’s reckless or negligent actions strengthen the case. Witness statements, police reports, and any available video footage contribute to this aspect of the evaluation.

The amount of available insurance coverage is another factor in determining damages in a rideshare accident case. Depending on the accident circumstances, several insurance policies may come into play, including the rideshare driver’s personal liability policy, another at-fault driver’s policy, and/or the rideshare company’s corporate policy.

At Wilshire Law Firm, our award-winning attorneys can thoroughly evaluate your case and estimate its likely settlement or litigation value. We can then handle every aspect of the settlement negotiation and litigation processes for you.

Where Do San Francisco Rideshare Accidents Typically Happen?

In the intricate web of San Francisco’s urban landscape, rideshare accidents frequently occur at traffic intersections, where the convergence of various streets and traffic patterns can lead to confusion and collisions. The intricate dance of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists at these crossroads creates a breeding ground for accidents, often exacerbated by factors like distracted driving or failure to yield.

Narrow and winding streets, which are characteristic of San Francisco, pose another serious challenge – especially in residential neighborhoods located throughout the region. Negotiating these tight turns and areas with limited visibility can be particularly daunting for rideshare drivers, increasing the likelihood of accidents, especially when unfamiliar with the city’s intricate layout.

The presence of heavily trafficked areas, such as popular tourist destinations and business districts, further amplifies the risk of rideshare accidents. High volumes of pedestrians and vehicles contribute to congestion, making it more challenging for drivers to navigate and increasing the potential for collisions.

Parking lots and structures also emerge as hotspots for rideshare accidents in San Francisco. Maneuvering in confined spaces and dealing with limited visibility in these environments can lead to fender benders and more severe incidents.

The city’s iconic hills also present a unique set of challenges for rideshare drivers. The steep inclines and declines demand a high level of vehicle control and attention to detail. Accidents often occur when drivers struggle to manage these slopes, whether due to brake failure, inadequate traction, or miscalculations.

Lastly, while not confined to a specific location, distracted driving remains a pervasive issue contributing to rideshare accidents across San Francisco. The use of smartphones, GPS navigation devices, and other distractions frequently diverts a driver’s attention away from the road, increasing the risk of collisions in various locations throughout the city.

If you suffered injuries in a rideshare accident that happened in one of these locations, the San Francisco rideshare accident lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm can obtain a copy of the police report and thoroughly investigate your accident circumstances.

Types of Rideshare Accidents in San Francisco 

A San Francisco rideshare accident typically involves a rideshare vehicle and one or more other vehicles. In some situations, the rideshare driver is responsible for the accident, while at other times, another driver causes or contributes to the accident.

  • Rideshare accidents in San Francisco often involve scenarios where drivers fail to yield the right-of-way, leading to collisions at intersections. Drivers navigating the city’s intricate network of streets may find themselves in situations where they misjudge distances or underestimate the speed of oncoming traffic, resulting in T-bone or side-impact collisions.
  • Rear-end collisions are another prevalent type of rideshare accident in the city. These occur frequently, especially in congested areas and during sudden stops. In stop-and-go traffic or situations where drivers are not maintaining a safe following distance, rear-end accidents can unfold, causing damage to the vehicles involved and potential injuries to passengers.
  • Left-turn accidents at traffic intersections are a common occurrence as well. When rideshare drivers attempt to make left turns without a clear understanding of oncoming traffic or misjudge the speed of approaching vehicles, collisions can transpire. Failing to yield to oncoming traffic during left turns is a recurrent factor in these incidents.
  • The dynamic nature of San Francisco’s urban landscape introduces challenges for rideshare drivers, particularly in negotiating the city’s narrow streets. Accidents involving sideswipes frequently transpire in these environments, where limited visibility and tight turns demand heightened attention and precision.

If you suffered injuries in one of these types of accidents involving a rideshare vehicle, we can promptly gather the documents necessary to file a claim with the responsible driver’s insurance company.

Types of Injuries in San Francisco Rideshare Accidents

Accident victims in rideshare incidents often experience a range of injuries, with some of the most common being whiplash. The abrupt acceleration and deceleration during a collision can cause the accident victim’s head and neck to jerk violently, leading to strains and sprains in the soft tissues.

Whiplash injuries may manifest with symptoms such as neck pain, migraines, and stiffness, affecting victims’ daily lives.

  • Head injuries, including concussions, are also prevalent in accidents that involve rideshare vehicles. Sudden stops or collisions can result in passengers or drivers striking their heads on various surfaces within the vehicle. Concussions may further lead to ongoing cognitive issues, dizziness, and, in severe cases, long-term complications, affecting the victim’s overall health and well-being.
  • Spinal injuries, encompassing damage to the vertebrae or spinal cord, are also common. The force of a rideshare accident can lead to fractures, herniated discs, or even spinal cord injuries. These injuries may cause pain, limited mobility, or, in severe cases, paralysis, significantly altering the victim’s quality of life.
  • Fractures and broken bones are also frequent outcomes of rideshare accidents, particularly in high-speed crashes. The sheer force involved in a collision can result in fractures to the arms, legs, ribs, or other bones. The recovery process for these injuries can be lengthy and may require surgeries, physical therapy, and other medical interventions.
  • Soft tissue injuries beyond whiplash may include bruises, contusions, and lacerations. The abrupt jolts and movements during a rideshare accident can lead to passengers or drivers coming into contact with various surfaces, causing cuts, bruises, or more severe soft tissue damage.
  • Psychological injuries, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or anxiety, often accompany these physical injuries. The emotional toll of a traumatic accident can linger long after physical wounds have healed, seriously affecting victims’ mental health and well-being.

If you suffered one or more of these injuries in your recent rideshare accident, our billion-dollar team legal team can gather your medical records and bills to date while you focus on your treatment.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a San Francisco Rideshare Accident

Navigating the aftermath of a rideshare accident in San Francisco often involves dealing with insurance companies. Victims may find themselves in a complex web of negotiations to secure fair compensation for their injuries, medical expenses, and other damages.

One crucial aspect is gathering strong evidence to support your case. This may include obtaining the police report, collecting witness statements, and preserving any available video footage of the accident. The more compelling evidence you can present, the stronger your position becomes when negotiating with the insurance company.

At Wilshire Law Firm, our smart, innovative legal team can handle all communications with insurance company representatives on your behalf. Depending upon the accident circumstances, we may deal with the rideshare driver’s own motor vehicle insurance company, with the rideshare company’s insurer, and/or with another at-fault driver’s insurer.

During settlement negotiations with insurance company representatives, we can point to favorable documentation (such as pertinent medical records, medical bills, and expert reports), downplay any potential weaknesses in your case, and advocate for your best interests.

If the insurance company still refuses to make you a fair settlement offer, we welcome the opportunity to file a lawsuit and litigate your case in the state court system to a favorable resolution.

Steps You Can Take after a Rideshare Accident in San Francisco

Following a rideshare accident in San Francisco, meticulous documentation is vital. You should begin by gathering all relevant information, including the police report, medical records, and any receipts or bills related to your medical treatment. These documents provide a comprehensive overview of the rideshare accident circumstances, the injuries you sustained, and all associated expenses.

In addition to official reports, obtaining witness information is crucial. You should speak with individuals who witnessed the accident, collecting their names and contact details. You can then forward that information to us.

Our experienced San Francisco rideshare accident lawyers can offer you guidance on the documentation required, deal with insurance companies on your behalf, and pursue the settlement or litigation compensation you deserve.

Get Justice, Get Paid: Speak With Our San Francisco Rideshare Accident Lawyers Today

If you sustained injuries in a San Francisco rideshare accident, you need to seek out experienced legal counsel right away. The knowledgeable, loyal legal team at Wilshire Law Firm can promptly investigate the circumstances of your accident, explore your options, and pursue the favorable monetary award you need to recover for your injuries.

For a free case evaluation and legal consultation with an experienced San Francisco rideshare accident lawyer, please call us at (213) 712-4459 or contact us online today.

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