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Glendale, CA – Crash with Injuries Reported on 210 Freeway near Pennsylvania Ave

February 23, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Glendale, CA (February 23, 2023) – One person was transported to an area hospital for the treatment of injuries following an automobile accident in Glendale that took place on Tuesday morning.

Just before 8:40 a.m. on February 21, authorities were called to the scene of an automobile accident that occurred on the 210 Freeway.

According to reports, a minivan and a white Ford collided on the interstate just west of Pennsylvania Avenue.

The incident caused severe disruptions in the area. Fire officials and paramedics were called to the scene of the accident to aid one person who suffered injuries. The victim was then transported to an area hospital for further medical care.

The police and firefighters remained at the scene extensively as they worked to clear debris from the road.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Car Accidents in California

Glendale, CA – Crash with Injuries Reported on 210 Freeway near Pennsylvania AveA motor vehicle accident can have an overwhelming impact on your ability to enjoy your life. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of people across California are left with serious injuries following accidents that take place every year.

When people are involved in accidents, they are often left with serious injuries that impact their lives forever. Regrettably, victims are often forced to undergo extensive medical treatment for their injuries. Suffering a spinal cord injury, a traumatic brain injury, or even internal organ injuries can have a lasting impact on your health and well-being.

Unfortunately, many people are hurt as a result of automobile accidents caused by negligent drivers. If you have been hurt as a result of a driver who was speeding, impaired, or engaging in some other negligent action while behind the wheel, he may be able to take legal action. Filing a personal injury lawsuit can help you seek financial compensation for some of the losses and damages that you face.

To be successful, you must be able to demonstrate that the negligent driver was responsible for the crash. In California, even if you contributed to the accident in some way, you still are able to recover compensation for the damages that were caused by the defendant. Working with a Glendale car accident lawyer can help to prove that the defendant shares the majority or all of the fault for your accident, so you can recover the maximum compensation possible.

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