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Santa Barbara, CA – Multi-Vehicle Truck Crash on Highway 154 near Cold Spring Bridge Leaves Three Hurt

February 27, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Santa Barbara, CA (February 27, 2023) – On Sunday morning, emergency crews were called to provide assistance at the scene of a multi-vehicle pileup that occurred in Santa Barbara County at around 7:30 a.m.

On February 26, calls for assistance came in regarding an automobile accident on Highway 154.

According to officials, a total of eight vehicles, including one commercial vehicle, collided on Highway 154 along the Cold Spring Bridge. The incident caused severe disruptions in the area.

The crash blocked multiple lanes of the road, prompting officials to close off the roadway as they worked to clear the scene.

An elderly man became trapped inside his vehicle. The man had to be extricated by firefighters. The man was rushed to an area hospital for the treatment of moderate injuries.

Two other women, who were both pregnant, suffered injuries and had to be transported to area hospitals for further evaluation.

The circumstances surrounding this truck accident are currently being investigated by the California Highway Patrol.

Truck Accidents in California

Santa Barbara, CA – Multi-Vehicle Truck Crash on Highway 154 near Cold Spring Bridge Leaves Three HurtTruck accidents in California leave thousands of people with injuries every year. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are a direct result of negligence. In many cases, truck drivers directly cause accidents to take place.

We see countless truck accidents caused by drivers who are fatigued or distracted while behind the wheel. In addition, many accidents take place as a result of improper loading. When items are not secured into place or trailers are overloaded, items can fall off and hit other vehicles on the road. This creates a very dangerous situation because, quite often, truck drivers often travel a great distance along the road before ever realizing that anything has fallen off.

There are several common factors in truck accidents that occur across the state of California. Some of the most common are:

  • Faulty brakes
  • Driving in unfamiliar areas
  • People or objects in the roadway
  • Having to stop frequently
  • Driver impairment from drugs or alcohol
  • Congested roadways
  • Traffic flow interruptions
  • Driving too fast for the weather

If you were injured in a truck accident, it is imperative for you to call a Santa Barbara truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. You may be entitled to recover compensation for the injuries and damages that you have sustained.

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