Sacramento, CA – Bicycle Accident Reported on US-50 near Watt Ave

March 6, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Sacramento, CA (March 6, 2023) – An accident reported on the south side of Sacramento sent at least one person to a local hospital for the treatment of injuries.

On March 5, the California Highway Patrol was notified that their assistance was needed at a crash on US Highway 50.

Reports from CHP show that a bicyclist was struck by a vehicle on the westbound side of US Highway 50 at around 2:36 p.m. The incident prompted officials to close off the roadway just east of Watt Avenue.

The bicyclist sustained injuries as a result of the accident. EMS rendered aid to the victim on-site before transporting them by ambulance to a local hospital.

The crash is currently being investigated by the highway patrol.

Bicycle Accidents in California

Sacramento, CA – Bicycle Accident Reported on US-50 near Watt AveBicycle accidents often have devastating consequences on the lives of the victims involved. Unfortunately, we see thousands of innocent people left with serious injuries following these accidents every year in our state.

There are many instances where bicyclists are harmed in accidents as a result of negligent and reckless drivers. Far too often are bicyclists harmed in accidents due to drivers who fail to yield, those who open their doors into bike lanes without checking prior, and those who switch lanes recklessly.

When innocent people are hurt as a result of car crashes, they may be able to take legal action. If you are unfortunate enough to be harmed as a result of an accident, a bicycle accident lawyer in Sacramento can help you seek compensation for some of the damages that you face. You may be able to file a compensation claim to get money to cover your medical expenses, repairs to your bike, lost earnings, and a variety of other damages that you face.

Having an attorney on your side can help to provide you with the best chance of proving your case. Your attorney will be able to gather strong evidence on your behalf against the defendant. After building your case, they will use the evidence and information to demand full compensation for all of the losses that you face. It is in your best interest to act as quickly as possible after your accident to take legal action.

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