California Data Privacy Law – How to Protect Your Identity

If your information was stolen in a data breach, Wilshire Law Firm has a proven track record upholding the rights of corporate misconduct victims. Our data privacy attorneys serve as leaders of The Data Privacy Trial Lawyers Association – Top 10, an invitation-only professional organization composed of and limited to the Top 10 attorneys from each state or region.

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Identity Theft and Your Privacy

When someone steals your personal information—e.g. your name, your bank account, your social security number, etc.—and then fraudulently uses it, they are committing Identity Theft. Opening up new bank accounts, taking out loans, and securing new lines of credit under YOUR name are all forms of identity theft, the consequences of which can be severe—according to the California Department of Justice, “The total cost of identity theft to victims and businesses in 2014 was $16 million.”

A troubling factor in many of these cases is the rise of large-scale data breaches targeting retailers, health care providers, and financial institutions. Companies such as Target and Yahoo, who are entrusted with protecting our personal data, have failed to do just that. The challenges associated with identity theft are now having an effect on more Americans than ever before. Even when data breach victims have not yet discovered any identity theft involving their personal information, they must constantly live with the worry and fear that their data could be misused at any time. But victims of corporate wrongdoing are not voiceless—Wilshire Law Firm gives power back to data breach victims. We’ve filed lawsuits against Apple, Uber, Brooks Brothers, and more of the biggest companies in the world, and we’ll continue to fight for the rights of consumers.

What to Do If Your Privacy is Violated

If you believe that your personal information may have been compromised, or if you received a letter stating that your personal information may have been involved in a data breach, there are specific steps that you should take to protect yourself and limit the damage done to your identity:

  • Contact the three credit bureaus—Report potential identity theft by filing a fraud alert with all three bureaus. A fraud alert lasts for 90 days and protects against an identity thief opening a new credit account in your name.
  • Review your credit reports—Examine each report for inquiries from creditors from whom you have not requested credit. Additionally, search for any addresses listed that you have never lived at.
  • Check your bank account—Debit cards and checking accounts are some of the most common targets of identity thieves—if you notice suspicious transactions, report them to your bank to avoid liability.
  • File a police report—If there is information or activity that cannot be explained on your credit report, it’s time to get the authorities involved.
  • Speak with Wilshire Law Firm—If your personal information has been compromised in a data breach, we are here to help. Contact us today for an absolutely FREE case consultation.

Preventing Identity Theft

Want to lower your risk of becoming an identity theft victim? The following guidelines can help:

  • Annually review your credit report—Your credit reports are available for free on an annual basis and can be ordered by phone at 1-877-322-8228, or requested online.
  • Protect yourself with strong passwords—Use different passwords for all of your accounts, with a strong mix of letters, numbers, and Keep your passwords safely hidden.
  • Click with caution—Don’t take the phishing bait! Only enter information on secure “https” web addresses, and never give out your personal information unless you initiated the contact.
  • Ask Questions—Being a proactive consumer is the most important action you can take to protect your identity. Ask how your personal information will be used and protected by companies, and consider taking your business elsewhere if you don’t like what you hear.

Getting Help from Wilshire Law Firm

In today’s modern world, protecting your sensitive personal information is more difficult than ever. Large corporations control vast swaths of data, leaving hundreds of millions of Americans at risk for having their personal information misused or stolen. And once your financial, medical, or other identifying information becomes compromised, it can take years to undo the damage.

When corporations fail to protect personal and employee data, the award-winning data privacy attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm are here to hold them accountable. If you’ve been the victim of a privacy violation, get the help you need NOW by contacting Wilshire Law Firm at (844) 979-0933 or by filling out our online contact form.