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At the Wilshire Law Firm, we really have that boutique feel that you can get your attorney on the phone whenevey you need to. And out attorneys not only give you that one-on-one feeling, but because we’re a family, the attorneys speak with each other and get ideas and know how to resolve those complex issues.

At the Wilshire Law Firm, we also make sure taht we handle the liability side of your case as well. So not only do we have access to the best top-notch doctors out there, but we also have relationships with the police departments out there. A lot of times clients come in and they’re not able to get the Traffic Collision Report or unfortunately, in a wrongful death case someone has just died, their child’s or their parent’s body has gone to the coroner’s office and they can’t get access. Well, we have relationships with the police departments, the coroner departments asll over the city offices, the government’s offics. We know who to contact to make sure that we get the evidence that is necessary to move your case in the right direction and to make sure that you are satisfied to get exactly what you need in terms of determining what happened to your lost one or to yourself.

We know that sometimes, unfortunately, the police get it wrong. A lot of times police come to the scene and they are very quick to write the report and sometimes don’t even speak to the potential client becasue tehe potential client has just fone to the hospital in an ambulance. So sometimes the police take the statement from the defendant who says it’s not their fault and that’s how the police make their decision. Well, we know who to hire to actually find out the Delta V, the speeds of the vehicles to really determin who was at fault. We know how to hire the right traffic engineer experts, accident reconstruction experts, mechanical engineer experts to be able to determine what really happened in that accident. We can reconstruct a full accidnet, whether taht is on the highway or taht is on the city streets. We get to tthe bottom of what really happened, so that potential clients can seek the justice that they deserve.