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Our Wrongful Termination and Employment Lawyers Can Help

California is an at-will state, which essentially means that your employer can terminate you for any reason unless it’s protected by law. Some of the categories or protections are: if you have been wrongfully terminated because of your gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, and that’s not an exhaustive list, but essentially, your employer cannot terminate you based on what’s protected by law.

It’s difficult for an individual to determine on their own whether or not they’ve been wrongfully terminated. It’s very important for an individual to contact an attorney and the attorney will do an interview wherein they will ask specific questions to determine if your were in fact terminated wrongfully.

The common wage and hour claims are misclassification, wherein your employer classifies you as an exempt employee and your are not technically an exempt employee. Meal and rest break violations, unpaid overtime. Some examples are, if your employer fails to provide you with a mean and rest break or the opportunity to have a meal and rest break. This is commonly committed by employers who take advantage of their employees. Unpaid overtime examples are when you work over eight hours or over forty hours a week and you’re not paid the compensation that you’re legally entitled to.

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