Bobby Saadian, Esq. JD/MBA

Founding President

BIOGRAPHY Bobby Saadian, Esq., JD/MBA founded Wilshire Law Firm, PLC in 2007 and has since grown his practice into an award-winning law firm with more than 50 attorneys and over 250 team members. Under Bobby’s leadership, Wilshire Law Firm has .

Colin M Jones, Esq.

Senior Partner

BIOGRAPHY A sharp, dynamic lawyer with a passion for the courtroom, Colin Jones, Esq. is as invested in understanding his clients as he is the law. Wilshire Law Firm’s first partner and lead trial attorney, Colin holds an authentic and .

Justin F. Marquez, Esq.

Senior Partner

BIOGRAPHY Justin F. Marquez is Senior Partner of Employment Class Actions and Complex Litigation at Wilshire Law Firm. He is a dedicated advocate for consumers and employees in litigation involving wage and hour claims, consumer protection, data breach, whistleblowers actions .

John Yslas

John G. Yslas, Esq.

Senior Partner

BIOGRAPHY John is a Senior Partner with more than 25 years of experience in the Employment Class Actions and Complex Litigation Group and handles select single plaintiff matters. John brings a unique perspective and experience – before joining the Wilshire .

Jon C. Teller, Esq.


BIOGRAPHY Jon C. Teller, Esq., is a partner and an award-winning senior trial attorney at Wilshire Law Firm. Going toe-to-toe with some of the largest insurance companies in the world, such as Allstate, Geico, Progressive, AAA, and State Farm, Jon .

Johnny Ogata, Esq.


BIOGRAPHY Johnny Ogata, Esq., is a Partner at Wilshire Law Firm, specializing in client retention and risk mitigation. Johnny ensures that our clients receive the attention and care they deserve at every step of their case. He leverages over a .

Tae Kim

Tae-Yoon Kim, Esq.


BIOGRAPHY Tae-Yoon Kim, Esq. is a Partner at Wilshire Law Firm, and a proven Pre-Litigation Attorney with nearly two decades of experience. Determined to stand up for those without a voice, Tae focuses his practice on protecting the rights of .

Daniel DeSantis, Esq.

Senior Trial Attorney

  BIOGRAPHY Daniel DeSantis is a Senior Trial Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm where he represents injured victims in large and complex personal injury cases and is a recognized leader in the Los Angeles legal community. In 2018, 2020, and .

Gail Richardson, Esq.

Senior Attorney

BIOGRAPHY Gail W. Richardson, Esq. is an experienced attorney with more than two decades of practice in both federal and state court in personal injury litigation. Gail found her passion as a plaintiff’s attorney, seeking justice for those who are .

Abel Nair, Esq

Senior Attorney

BIOGRAPHY Attorney Abel Nair has more than twenty years of experience in civil litigation, with an emphasis on litigating employment matters. His practice ranges from sexual harassment cases involving a single plaintiff to whistleblower retaliation matters involving multiple plaintiffs. He .

Nicol Hajjar, Esq.

Senior Attorney

BIOGRAPHY Nicol Hajjar, Esq. is a skilled Senior Attorney who focuses on employment law at Wilshire Law Firm. An experienced employee advocate, Nicol focuses solely on representing clients in cases involving wage and hour claims, wrongful termination, workplace harassment (including .

Thiago Coelho, Esq.


BIOGRAPHY Thiago M. Coelho, Esq. handles complex class and mass actions for Wilshire Law Firm. Well-versed in issues like consumer protection and data privacy, much of Thiago’s innovative legal work has been at the center of this developing area of .

Rita Mims

Chief Operating Officer

BIOGRAPHY Rita Mims is the Chief Operating Officer and leads the executive operations department at Wilshire Law Firm’s Los Angeles offices. Centrally responsible for the business activities of about 200 team members at the firm, Rita oversees the successful execution .

Ariella Perry, Esq.

Senior Attorney

BIOGRAPHY After serving as a defense lawyer for over a decade, Senior Trial Attorney Ariella E. Perry now leverages her considerable experience to represent plaintiffs, fighting for their rights and interests. Ariella helps clients navigate: Catastrophic Injuries Traumatic Brain Injuries .

Erik F. Harper, Esq.


BIOGRAPHY Erik F. Harper, Esq. is a law and motion attorney in Wilshire Law Firm’s personal injury department. An experienced legal advocate for the seriously injured, Erik brings a decade of knowledge and skill to complex motor vehicle and personal .

Hazel S. Chang, Esq.


BIOGRAPHY Hazel S. Chang, Esq. is an experienced consumer attorney with a diverse legal background who joined Wilshire Law Firm in 2017. Throughout Hazel’s unique legal career, she has engaged in the formulation of litigation strategies, extensive case management, and .

Sutton A. Shapiro, Esq.

Trial Attorney

BIOGRAPHY Sutton A. Shapiro, Esq. brings more than a decade of success as an attorney to the dedicated legal team at Wilshire Law Firm. Sutton’s extensive legal background has exposed him to several different areas of law—including personal injury law, employment .

Benjamin Haber, Esq.

Associate Attorney

BIOGRAPHY Benjamin Haber, Esq. focuses his practice primarily on employment and class action litigation and qui tam “whistleblower” cases. He is passionate about giving a voice to individuals who have suffered at the hands of major companies. Benjamin works closely with each .

Arrash Fattahi, Esq.

Associate Attorney

BIOGRAPHY Arrash Fattahi, Esq. is an Associate Attorney with Wilshire Law Firm. He specializes in labor & employment litigation, class actions, and qui tam “whistleblower” cases. Arrash approaches each of his cases with a similar mindset: fierce advocacy and trusted advisory. He .

Ghazaleh Attaran, Esq.

Associate Attorney

BIOGRAPHY Ghazaleh Attaran, Esq. practices employment law at Wilshire Law Firm, where she works to establish strong relationships between the firm and its new and prospective clientele. With years of employment law experience, Ghazaleh has a passion for defending the .

Nathan Kingery, Esq.

Associate Attorney

BIOGRAPHY Nathan’s vast legal knowledge and litigation skills are a key asset in Wilshire Law Firms’ employment department. He has been practicing law since 2016 and focuses on employment law including wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and wage and .

Carolin Shining

Carolin Shining, Esq.

Senior Attorney

BIOGRAPHY An experienced counselor and litigator, Senior Attorney Carolin Shining brings decades of experience to the table for her clients, helping them navigate a wide range of legal disputes, including: Personal injury; Employment; Class action; and Intellectual property. A passionate .


Brad Stuckey, Esq.

Senior Attorney

BIOGRAPHY Brad Stuckey serves as a Senior Trial Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm and co-chairs the employment department. A seasoned litigator, Brad has considerable experience in all aspects of employment litigation before federal and state courts and agencies, along with .

Shervin Ghanoongooi

Shervin G. Ghanoongooi, Esq.

Supervising Attorney

BIOGRAPHY As a Supervising Pre-Litigation Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm, Shervin G. Ghanoongooi, Esq., helps clients pursue the compensation they deserve. Shervin works with clients engaged in catastrophic injury cases. As an attorney for personal injury disputes, Shervin has dedicated .

Andrew Haling

Andrew Haling, Esq.

Supervising Attorney

BIOGRAPHY As a Supervising Pre-Litigation Attorney here at Wilshire Law Firm, Andrew Haling, Esq., helps clients manage legal disputes and pursue out-of-court settlements. Andrew leverages over a decade of experience to help clients deal with the following types of cases: .

Jason Lieber, Esq.

Supervising Attorney

BIOGRAPHY As a Supervising Pre-Litigation Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm, Jason Lieber, Esq., helps clients navigate a wide range of legal disputes. His practice areas include: Personal injury; Animal and dog bites; Traumatic brain injuries; Car accidents; Motorcycle accidents; Premises .

Jennifer Leinbach

Jennifer Leinbach, Esq.


BIOGRAPHY Jennifer Leinbach, Esq., is a Class Action Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm. As a seasoned attorney with over a decade of experience, Jennifer helps individuals navigate class action lawsuits. Throughout her career, Jennifer has obtained landmark judgments and negotiated .

Christian Girgis, Esq

Associate Attorney

BIOGRAPHY During his two years as an attorney, Christian has established himself as an assertive advocate; devoted to protecting the rights of individuals subjected to employment mistreatment. His focus areas on Employment Law are Wrongful Termination, Constructive Discharge, Wage and .

Elizabeth Votra, Esq

Associate Attorney

BIOGRAPHY At Wilshire Law Firm, Elizabeth exclusively represents employees in cases involving workplace discrimination, workplace harassment, wage, and hour claims, and Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) claims. She became an employment lawyer after working in state government and human resources. .